The originals 2x04 davina and kol meet

the originals 2x04 davina and kol meet

the originals 2x08 - Davina and Kaleb/Kol Kol And Davina, Davina Claire,. More information .. them both saved." #TheOriginals 2x04 "Every Mother's Son" - Klaus and Cami Originals Season 1, .. [We haven't formally met] Kol Mikaelson. Explore Olivia Bergeron's board "Davina and Kol" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Davina claire, Kol and davina and Vampire diaries the originals. Kol/Kaleb finds where Davina is hiding and see she is freaking out, Inspired in the plot of The Originals 2x . "Kol! Fancy to meet you here!.

We can't have your brother distracted, can we?

the originals 2x04 davina and kol meet

Finn broke into the house expecting to find Davina alone, but instead he found himself face-to-face with his father. In any case, this wouldn't be the first time she kills a witch.

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Next time I won't be nice. Finn overpowered Davina's spell thanks to one of the dark objects his mother gave to him, throwing Mikael and Davina through the air. Mikael wasn't surprised, instead he was even amused. While Davina found his last name shocking "You're not a vampire. I'm doing pretty well at my own. I need him to kill Klaus once and for all.

Kol heard the noise from outside and believing Mikael managed to break free he broke into the house too, finding Finn there. Rage filled Kol once he understood what was happening and taking him by surprise, he managed to pin Finn against the wall, just like Davina did before.

Just like with the werewolves, let me tell you how that ended up! Fancy to meet you here! Kol turned to her and shot her an apologetic look, but Finn took advantage of that distraction to break free, once more. Finn and Kol Mikaelson. Davina shot Kol a hurt look, but her face quickly changed into one of rage. Finn in the other hand, focused on the bracelet, making it burn to the point that Davina was forced to take it off in a scream of pain.

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Mikael looked smiling at the bracelet in the ground and his lips formed a wicked smile "Finally free. Kol raising his arm moved telepathically the microwave hitting Finn in the head and he fell to the ground, before Finn had time to recover and attack back Kol grabbed Davina's hand forcing her to run to the door and they both ran to Kol's car. Everyone feel free to send me Kolvina prompts, I'll be uploading the second part tomorrow: Unexpectedly, Kol was hexed by his brother leading to his death, and leaving Davina devastated.

Eventually, Davina becomes Regent of the Nine New Orleans Covens and with the power granted to her, attempts to bring him back in the season finale but Kol's siblings were forced to hijacked her spell and unbeknown to her, switch Kol's ashes with Esther 's in order to help defeat Dahlia. In Season ThreeDavina was still adamant on bringing Kol back.

She finally reunites with him after consuming poison and venturing into the Ancestral Plane where he is trapped. At first startled by his original body, she has trouble adjusting until Kol reassures her he is still the same after reminding her of their dance before his death. Spurred on by their meeting, Davina eventually is able resurrect Kol in his true body, as an Original Vampire after channeling power from the Nexus Vorti created after she unsired Klaus' sireline.

After his resurrection, Kol, wanting to be a better man for Davina, promises her that he would control his bloodlust, declaring that she was worth being good for. Kol's vampire nature however, continues to be a troubling complication in their relationship, particularly as The Ancestors corrupted the spell used to resurrect him, in order to influence him to murder Davina, and are responsible for his angry, uncontrollable outbursts.

However, she links herself to Davina in order to manipulate Kol to do her bidding. Kol manages to get Hope to cast a spell to unlink them, and the latter is successful. Kol and Davina then leave New Orleans to see the world together. In Season Fiveit is revealed the two married each other. Later during the season, both try to help their niece, Hope Mikaelson, be cured of the Hollow's dark magic. However, Davina revealed to Klaus, Kol's older half-brother, that Hope is beyond a cure. Knowing this, Davina and Kol continue to be with Hope and the rest of the Mikaelson family by enjoying their time at Freya and Keelin's wedding.

They are known as "Kolvina" by the fans. After she purchased some records, she turned around and locked eyes with Kol who is possessing the witch, Kaleb. They exchanged a flirty look, and the pair subtly smiled at one another before he turned to leave. Davina sees Kaleb for the first time.

Davina and Kol

Later on, she returned to the music store to find that it was permanently closed following the death of the owner, Joe. Kol, standing nearby, struck up a conversation with her. He stated that it sucked that the store was closed, and took the opportunity to playfully tease her about her music taste, cheekily declaring that she obviously needs his help in that area.

Davina blushed and appeared to already be quite taken with him. Unfortunately for her, his invitation turned out to be a guise on his mother's orders to get Davina out of the attic at St.

the originals 2x04 davina and kol meet

Anne's so he could investigate what she was doing. Later, at Esther's urging, Kol texted her again and invited her to dinner to make up for standing her up before.

At dinner, they exchanged tidbits about their respective families, learning that they both have controlling mothers. Kol then revealed to her that he's a witch, surprising Davina. He then complimented her on her beauty and the fact that she told her coven to "shove it", opining that her courage should be celebrated. He also remarked that they're a lot alike; they both have a dislike for rules and authority. Davina, smiling ear to ear at his words, apologized when she suddenly had to leave for a moment to take a call from Marcel, who had been ringing her repeatedly.

While she was gone, Finn possessing Vincent appeared and chastised his brother, complaining that he was stalling by repeatedly complimenting Davina instead of extracting the information they require from her.

Kol retorted that he's wooing her in order to get information, a feat that requires charm and personality, something Finn does not possess.

Kol and Davina on their first date. When Davina returned, Finn had left, and the customers in the restaurant had begun to leave. Davina, realizing that something wasn't right and knowing that Marcel would be coming for her quickly, suggested they too depart, but their path was blocked by an aggressive werewolf. Davina used her magic on him, forcing him down to the floor in pain so that they could escape, but suddenly, several other werewolves emerge.

Kol, clearly worried, asked her if she could use a pain infliction spell on the rest of them, but Davina replied that she couldn't do it on all of them at once. The man she used her magic on rose back to his feet, furious, and violently pushed her to the ground. Kol then instantly lunged at him to defend her, but he was easily thrown across the bar into the glass shelving due to his newly-mortal body. The wolves then began to hone in on Davina, but she quickly summoned Mikaelwho tore through the restaurant and slaughtered the majority of the wolves.

When her hold on him momentarily broke after she lost her bracelet in a scuffle with a werewolf, Mikael tried to attack her, but Elijah intervened at the last second and pulled him off her, not knowing right away that it was his father.

Thankfully, Marcel helped her obtain her bracelet, allowing her to regain control over him so she could stop him from killing Elijah and herself. Kol watched in shock from behind the bar as he realized that his father was alive and under Davina's control. In Every Mother's Sonneither Kol nor Davina appeared, but it was mentioned by Finn that Kol was still tracking down Davina, which caused him to miss the family dinner that Esther had set up for her children at the Mikaelson compound.

It was clearly badly sprained, and, at a lack of options, she called Kol and asked him to bring her a few essentials so she can treat her ankle. Later on, he applied an herbal poultice to her injured ankle, a recipe he picked up from a shaman in Uganda. He joked that she had clearly been knocked head over heels, and added that he hoped that he was going to be the one to do that, which made Davina grin. She then commented on the cream's putrid smell, causing Kol to chuckle, and after he finished applying it, she remarked in surprise that the pain has completely vanished.

However, when she attempted to stand up and walk, her ankle collapsed in on itself. Kol steadied her and reminded her that "it's magic, not a miracle. Davina hesitated for a moment, and Kol remarked that she still wasn't the person.

After a moment's silence, Davina in turn asked if he trusts her.