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EPISODES Tenkai Knights. Season 1. Release Year: In Benham City, Guren and Ceylan search for fellow Tenkai Knights Chooki and Toxsa, but when the four Earth boys finally meet, tensions run high. Watch The Power of Four. Episode List The guardian Boreas tells Guren and Ceylan about a Tenkai Dragon that's been split into 5 cubes. generals Slyger and Granox,only to be saved by 2 other Tenkai Knights, Valorn and Lydendor. Be the first one to add a plot. List of Tenkai Knights episodes Tenkai Knights (テンカイナイト Tenkai Naito) is a The anime first aired in both the United States and Canada through Cartoon Guren and Ceylan track down and meet Chooki and Toxsa, the two other Earth.

After school, they enter into talks and even call them dudes and go through the city. They stop at a mysterious shop, called the Shop of Wonderswhich didn't have customers for one month and is owned by a man named Mr.

Two Worlds

After entering they look at the items of the shop, which are called "classic junk" by Ceylan. They hear a mysterious voice which says "Tenkai". Soon they are frightened, when the owner of the shop appears. The owner shows them two mysterious items, one of them Guren turns into a robot.

Ceylan Jones

White gives them the robots free of charge. After being in the shop the two boys go home.

At home, Guren says to his father that he liked his first day more than he expected. In his room, Guren wants to come behind the mystery of the robot, but isn't successful. While sleeping, he has a dreamwhere Vilius and Bravenwolf fight each other and Bravenwolf is defeated. From that, he wakes up. In school, he tells Ceylan about this dream and finds out that Ceylan had the same dream. After school, they return to the shop, but Mr.

White appears to be not in. While searching for him in the basement, they notice that their robots are shining and a big robot begins moving and chase them that they have to go in a mysterious machine.

Guren awakes on Quarton and is now in the armor of Bravenwolf. He can't believe that but an unknown voice guides him to search Ceylan, who now have become Tributon.

They are attacked by an army who serves Vilius. After they got their weapon, they can defeat the army. At the same time, Vilius hears about the return of his enemies, and ask his servants to defeat and capture them. While fleeing, another army attacks Guren and Ceylan. When they got outside into the daylight, the army still follows them. They are defeated by another allied army, who recognizes them as the legendary Tenkai Knights.

Ceylan and Boreas are great allies and when the knights need help, Boreas is there to advice them or tell them what happened in the past according to tenkai legend. He's then chosen by Ms. Finwick to be Guren's guide during his first day. After school, they visit the Shop of Wondersrun by a man named Mr. He is drawn to the blue brick, but can't make it transform into a robot like Guren did with his. That night, he had a dream about being a robotwhere he fought another robot.

The next day, he's shocked to hear Guren had a similar dream. Together, he and Guren go back to Mr. White's shop to learn more about their bricks, only to be transported to Quarton instead. Unlike Guren, who was able to use his powers immediately, Ceylan was trapped in a cube-like form until Guren found him.

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Two Worlds Ceylan seemed to want to give up the role of hero, unlike Guren. But after they fought the Corrupted army led by Vilius for the first time and won, he decided to stay a Tenkai Knight.

Ceylan also meets the Tenkai Knights Lydendor and Valorn for the first time. Shortly after Ceylan worked with Guren to try and track down the other two Tenkai Knights, they eventually meet Chooki and Toxsa. Their friendship gets off to a bumpy start, but in the end, they all agree on working together to achieve victory after finding the third Dragon Cube. Tenkai Dragon Cube Ceylan and the rest of the boys are starting come together as a team when Ceylan learns from his father that he may be moving away.