Naruto and 4th hokage meet the fockers

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naruto and 4th hokage meet the fockers

Sasuke and Sakura discover who Naruto's parents were. Sasuke refuses to believe that Naruto is the son of the Fourth Hokage despite all of. Suddenly orphaned, Naruto was left to grow up knowing nothing of his parents, receiving only This was actually explained to Naruto by Minato Namikaze the fourth Hokage Hiruzen(the third Hokage) Decided to put Naruto's Surname as Naruto wouldn't have met all the characters besides Akatsuki. Minato Namikaze (波風ミナト, Namikaze Minato) was the Fourth Hokage (四 He met up with the surviving and out-numbered Konoha ninja and . Meanwhile, Kushina told Naruto how much his parents loved him, which Minato seconded.

Years later, after they graduated and became ninja, Kushina was kidnapped by Kumogakure forces. Konoha mobilised its ninja to retrieve her, but only Minato noticed the strands of red hair Kushina left behind to mark their path.

naruto and 4th hokage meet the fockers

Minato, acting alone, rescued her from her captors. Konoha's Yellow Flash Team Minato.

naruto and 4th hokage meet the fockers

Minato and Kushina were a couple from the time that he rescued her, and with his love, Kushina was able to keep the Nine-Tails sealed within her at bay. From observing a Tailed Beast BallMinato began a three year process of creating the Rasenganthe height of shape transformation.

He would spend the rest of his life trying to combine it with his own nature.

Naruto fighting along side Minato and Kushina if they were alive

After proving himself an accomplished and responsible ninja, Minato was placed in charge of his own team, consisting of Rin NoharaObito Uchihaand Kakashi Hatake. In the anime, the Third Hokage gave Minato the special task of helping Kakashi overcome the bitterness caused by his father 's death and remind him of the human element of being a ninja.

Unfortunately, Kakashi realised this, but only used Obito and Rin as a means to an end to obtain the bells. Nonetheless, he passed them because they accomplished the goal of the test by working as a team.

Although he did encourage them to improve their teamwork afterwards, a message that Obito and Rin took to heart, but fell on deaf ears with Kakashi.

naruto and 4th hokage meet the fockers

When Konoha became involved in the Third Shinobi World WarMinato's obligations became split between training his students and helping with the war effort. As she walks to Naruto's home to try to find a way to break the genjutsu, she sees how happy Naruto is and wonders if they really should leave.

naruto and 4th hokage meet the fockers

Sakura later meets Naruto, and asks him if he wants to stay. Although he denies it, he later thinks to himself that he truly does not want to leave. At that moment an explosion occurs at the Hokage's office, where the masked man from earlier asks for the scroll they brought back.

naruto and 4th hokage meet the fockers

They realise that this was the man Tsunade was talking about, and that he knows Tobi. He overpowers Naruto and Sakura, and kidnaps Sakura in exchange for the scroll. He then uses Great Spiralling Ringdestroying a large part of Konoha and leaves. As Naruto decides to save Sakura, but Minato and Kushina try to prevent him in fear of him dying, showing that the two parents this world are different from Naruto's real parents.

He takes one of Minato's kunai and the scroll leaving with Sakura's father's Hokage coat. Sakura is tied up and meets Tobi who is a ghost saying they are in an old training ground that Minato and Jiraiya used. Naruto arrives but is attacked by the other masked man asking for the scroll. Naruto is unable to fight properly as his stomach acts up, the Masked Man then takes the time to summon the Nine Masked Beastsand about to kill Naruto when the Akatsuki arrives and saved him.

This Akatsuki was hired by Tsunade to help Naruto, and they deal with the masked beasts when Naruto attacks the masked man. Itachi saves Sakura and Tobi decides to escape instead. The Akatsuki defeats the masked beasts that turn into nine fox kits, while Naruto chased the masked man into the training grounds.

It ends in a draw, but the attack destroy the masked man's mask, showing that he is Menma, this world's Naruto. Menma informs Naruto that the pulsating inside his stomach must be Kurama's reaction to the Black Nine-Tails within Menma. Menma then called back the defeated masked beasts, and summoned Kurama's counterpart, the Black Nine-Tails.

Naruto was unable to attack, while the Akatsuki retreat, taking Sakura with them. Not wanting to be manipulated by the Sharingan again, Kurama makes a truce with Naruto to work together, allowing him to summon Kurama out of his body.

In the battle Naruto is barely able to win, but Tobi reveals that this was his plan, to have Naruto and Menma fight, as doing so would cause the two foxes to fight and weaken Kurama.

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As he possessed Menma, Kurama warned Naruto if he looked into Menma's Sharingan, it would be all over, for Tobi planned to extract Kurama out of Naruto the same way he extracted it from Kushina sixteen years ago. As Menma overpowers Naruto, the latter tries to use the scroll when he notices the moon had turned red, but Menma cuts the scroll, causing Naruto to look into Menma's eyes. Naruto's memories are erased, but Sakura rescues him before Kurama is extracted from him.

Naruto, in an amnesiac stupor, stares at the destroyed Red Moon Scroll, which brings back memories of his training to learn the Rasengan with Jiraiya, and how his father was the one who invented the technique.

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Naruto is able to break free of the genjutsu just in time to save Sakura, and then defeats Tobi the same way his father did, breaking the Limited Tsukuyomi.

Tobi, using his ghost body, attacks again, until Minato and Kushina arrive. Tobi decides to give up and exits the genjutsu world just as Naruto and Sakura are enveloped in a bright light, preparing to return to their world as well, but beforehand Naruto thanks Minato and Kushina who quickly goes to assist Menma who is returning to his original state as their son.

Naruto and Sakura returns to their world, where Naruto's Hokage coat breaks down since it was only part of the genjutsu world and not real. Naruto and Sakura tell Tsunade and Kakashi of what transpired and sets out more guard patrol since Tobi was easily able to enter further in the village than they imagined. As they both return home, Naruto watches Sakura as she meets her parents, happily hugging them.

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He approaches her, asking her out on a date, but Sakura tells him they just came back from the longest date ever, much to Naruto's shock. As Naruto goes home, he sees Iruka in his house, waiting to apologise to him.

Afterwards, Naruto happily jumps roof top to roof top through the village while quoting that the road of a ninja is one who endures. After the credits, the sign in Ichikaru Ramen where it says "menma" is changed. Genjutsu World Main article: Genjutsu World The majority of the movie takes place in an alternate dimension known as the Genjutsu Worldwhere almost the entire cast has different personalities and behaviours compared to their actual selves.

Despite this, however, some still possess their own personalities and behaviours. Ninja Clash in the Land of Snowthe highest grossing Naruto film at the time 1. Naruto the Movie in December Road to Sakura — A tie-in anime episode about the Genjutsu World's version of Sakura, to promote the film's theatrical release.

Trivia Naruto manga creator Masashi Kishimoto personally conceived the all-new story and designed the characters for this movie. The first time that Sakura and Naruto see Kizashi Haruno 's face in the Hokage Rockhe was facing to the centre but in another scene, he is facing the same direction as Tsunade.