Meet the tutor kings and queens

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meet the tutor kings and queens

Chow is a celebrity tutor in Hong Kong, where there's big money to be Advertisements for these “tutor kings” and “tutor queens,” as they are. Her most famous tutor was the Cambridge academic Roger Ascham, who has Grindal and Ascham taught the future queen Latin and Greek, but they were not her only tutors. Since no evidence that the committee had actually met has been discovered, Tudor kings and queens · Elizabeth I · Feature. KST is privileged to have a high quality team of Tutors making up the Faculty, . He holds a Bachelor of Divinity from Queen's University and has completed.

Situations in which teachers provide extra private lessons for pupils for whom they are already responsible in the public system can lead to corruption, particularly when teachers deliberately teach less in their regular classes in order to promote the market for private lessons.

Academic coaching[ edit ] Academic coaching is a type of mentoring applied to academics. Coaching involves a collaborative approach.

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Coaches try to help students learn how they best learn and how to operate in an academic environment. Tutors help students learn the material in individual courses while coaches help students learn how to be successful in school.

In college, that includes such topics as: Academic coaches meet with the student regularly throughout the semester.

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Coaches work with students in all kinds of situations, not just those who are struggling academically. Academic coaching is also serves to help students prepare for entrance exams to gain entry to schools or universities, and it is a particularly popular in Asia. In-home tutoring In-home tutoring is a form of tutoring that occurs in the home. Most often the tutoring relates to an academic subject or test preparation.

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This is in contrast to tutoring centers or tutoring provided through after-school programs. The service most often involves one-on-one attention provided to the pupil. Due to the informal and private nature of in-home tutoring, there is limited substantial or conclusive information on in-home tutoring. Online tutoring Online tutoring is another way for a student to receive academic help, either scheduled or on-demand. Sessions are done through an application where a student and tutor can communicate.

Common tools include chat, whiteboard, web conferencing, teleconferencing, online videos and other specialized applets which make it easier to convey information back and forth.

Online tutoring has relatively recently emerged as a mechanism to provide tutoring services in contrast to more traditional in-person teaching.

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One of the potential drawbacks of online tutoring stems from the influx or sensory overload of information from different materials. It has been defined as "a class of practices and strategies that employs peers as one-on-one teachers to provide individualized instruction, practice, repetition, and clarification of concepts" [23] Academic performance[ edit ] Studies have found that peer tutoring provides academic benefits for learners across the subject areas of "reading, mathematics, science, and social studies" [24] Peer tutoring has also been found to be an effective teaching method in enhancing the reading comprehension skills of students, especially that of students with a low academic performance at the secondary level in schools.

Additionally, peer tutoring has been proven especially useful for those with learning disabilities at the elementary level, while there is mixed evidence showing the effectiveness of peer tutoring for those at the secondary level. Inthis Iowa man hosted Xi. The year-old Chinese-language guru is teaching three classes of about students simultaneously in this early- evening session, with two classes watching his lecture projected live on a big, white screen from a small television.

He also draws an emoji-like smiley face to help them memorise some classical Chinese grammar most likely to pop up in exams, and the students diligently copy the doodle in their notes. At the end of 20 minutes, his tone becomes more serious.

These schools, they say, rely on star teachers as their main source of revenue, and the stars survive on the number of their students.

So the competition is cut-throat. Lam later declined the offer.

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The fee is calculated based on a certain percentage — agreed on between a teacher and the centre — of the revenues generated by the teacher. But teachers have to spend part of their earnings in running their tutoring services, since they are contractors instead of employees of the tutoring centres. This means they do not have salaries and the centres provide them mainly with brand names, classrooms and other teaching facilities, as well as some administrative and marketing support.

meet the tutor kings and queens

He says he has started to seek advertisers to sponsor the printing of his notes this year. This is a win-win-win solution. These books contain different elements such as their shortcuts in solving exam problems, their prediction of future exam trends, key knowledge points and categories of questions from past exam papers that can potentially reoccur.

meet the tutor kings and queens

But tutor kings and queens do not work alone in producing these notes. The tutor queen herself will need to fine-tune her lecture delivering to perfection so students can easily understand and memorise her points in a fun way. This is why Wong says she spends six hours every day before lectures searching for up-to-date examples and trendy expressions, and practising her lectures in front of a mirror to achieve the best effect.

Siu has three assistants helping him teach in classrooms and eight others doing research for him behind the stage.

meet the tutor kings and queens

This enables him to keep up with current affairs which he can use as talking points in classes. Just a stroll along a street will probably find their smart and glamorous images on advertisement boards or posters on buildings, walls and the back of buses.

Insiders say nobody knows how it all began, but it probably involved one crammer trying to stand out in the increasingly heated competition.