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meet jade alive and kicking

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A number of characters remark that that the Spirit Monk's fighting style has what looks like a flaw in it, but in actuality is a fake that leaves their enemies vulnerable to a counterattack when they try in vain to exploit it. They then get confused when the Monk doesn't know what they're talking about, since it's so obviously built into their muscle memory at a fundamental level and must have been a major part of their training.

It turns out to be a real flaw engineered by the Monk's master that can only be exploited by someone who already knows what it is; once it's revealed the Monk corrects it. First chapter, Master Li himself has to come out and stop the one assassin who's been standing back and letting his flunkies attack you, saying you would be no match for a Lotus Assassin yet.

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Chapter 2, you fight a couple of Assassins, but they're at the center of boss fights. By the end of Chapter 3, though, you've improved to the level where they're just another flavor of Mooks. Judge Fang, although many characters remark that would be an insult to depraved bisexuals everywhere. Both various people from, and books written in the Jade Empire claim that the Empire is the height of human culture, and everyone foreign is idiotic and violent.

Even though you're only given control of characters other than the PC for a minute or two each, each of them has a separate objective and, in one case, a joke, in the quests menu. By the time you fight Sun Li, he's fully capable of backing up his A God Am I sentiments, as shown repeatedly when you fight against his proxies. Another example is the demon called Mother.

Defeating—but not killing—her for the first time required a celestial embodiment of cunning arranging for the burning of a whole forest. But the PC manages to defeat Mother one-on-one albeit with some celestial help in the background, a couple of allies, and a very convenient arena.

Zhong goes to hide in a tea shop after accidentally killing his master's ox, while playing catch with it. That is, he was throwing the ox up and catching her The hero actually has two of these. Two Rivers in the prologue and the Spirit Monks' monastery in the backstory. The Phoenix Unity style involves this. After you defeat the first enemy, six full-powered clones spawn.

An actual fighting style once used by Henpecked Hou and utilized by having him in your party so he can keep throwing jugs of wine to you. If a bit unpredictable, one of the more powerful styles in the game after the Game-Breaker styles.

The Black Whirlwind's greatest feats were all achieved while drunk, and when you take control of him in the penultimate battle he uses Hou's bottles as power-ups. Magnificent Bastard during his debate has several good points about the Jade Empire. The best one is where he is amazed that the Jade Empire doesn't use the Dragon powder to make guns.

One of the people that the cannibals are trying to corrupt into another cannibal asks for you to kill him before the transformation takes hold. You can grant his request.

meet jade alive and kicking

The Other you face in the Water Dragon's temple is this, a being from outside the human and spirit worlds. You never actually meet it, however; to attack you, the Other summons three clones of your character. Jia calls out her subordinates on petty power struggling, which undermines the Assassins' mission.

The Water Dragon is a good example of this. She frequently gives the player character new powers, hints, or advice, but is doing so so that the PC can help her in return.

Notable in that the reasons for her vagueness is partially because she's weakened, but mostly because her plan to help you actually requires your Master to kill you at the climax of his own plot, since if you were told what would happen you'd likely not go through all the steps needed in the first place. Even Evil Has Loved Ones: Gao the Greater is grief-stricken over his son's death, and wants to kill you in revenge.

Averted with Sun Li and his daughter Dawn Star. If pressured he thinks about it hard, then decides that in the end the only reason he cared that she died was because his brother dared take something of his away from him, and her survival ultimately means nothing to him emotionally. As depraved as Judge Fang is, he knows that the Lotus Assassins are worse and attempts to bring them down. Black Whirlwind also objects to mistreating children, particularly sending them into danger to pay back a debt.

It's debatable as to whether Black Whirlwind is truly evil or just a Sociopathic Hero. While he admits to having done many bad things in his life, one gets the feeling they occurred due to ruthless pragmatism seasoned by a dash of Dumbass Has a Point. As opposed to the idealized "self-reliance" credo of Closed Fist, many of the in-game Closed Fist options are little more than doing jerkish things for no rational reason. Although he might give you a discount if you inform him that Kia Min is alive, if she's dead and you tell him he won't even flinch.

Sun Hai wants to keep the throne no matter what, while Sun Li thinks he could do a better job. The Judge is a nasty piece of work who rapes and abuses prostitutes, but he's also a dogged opponent of the Lotus Assassins and, if he gets that report, could get in the way of their illegal operations with slavers and the Guild. Depending on your progress in the game, the title screen will show which town you are at the moment.

meet jade alive and kicking

Forest Shadow and her servants are fox spirits huli jing in China. The Jade Empire is well drawn and, aside from the deliberate fantasy setting, sticks fairly closely to Chinese culture and folklore, with the Land of Howling Spirits as a fantasy counterpart of Tibet.

meet jade alive and kicking

There are dashes of Japan thrown in; Silk Fox is essentially a ninja, and Death's Hand has a samurai style from his armour to the way he wields one large and one small sword. There's a few bits of Thai and Laotian architecture as well. The Empire really does not have things together. Once the PC ends up on their radar, they announce a search for the "Scourge of the South" in the Imperial City with laughably incorrect and contradictory descriptions, and the PC can even talk to the crier who's making the announcement.

The Imperial Army is forbidden from actually doing its job and guarding the city, while the Lotus Assassins are too busy with the Emperor's golem army project to even try to maintain order.

The only way the government gets anything done is when they subcontract their job to criminal gangs.

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The Lotus Assassins are initially portrayed as superhumanly-competent, but they're actually worse than the usual Imperial inefficiency. Their information sources are so laughable that the PC can get recruited as an acolyte despite being their 1 enemy, and once inside, they're shown to be so riddled with Chronic Backstabbing Disorder that it seems impossible that they can even keep their numbers up.

The lives of acolytes and even full Lotus Assassins are of so little value that you can freely kill whoever you want without consequences, and even if masters die, you won't catch any heat for it: Their boss will just promote you over their dead bodies.

In this light, it's almost a joke how Grand Inquisitor Jia claims that "our strength lies in preparation. While the amount of havoc you can wreak in their fortress without getting caught, or at least punished is laughably impressive, it's also the way they have operated for the last 20 years successfully. Recruiting their 1 enemy seems like a stupid move until you realize that the Lotus Assassins have no reasonable way to know you're the Scourge of the South until after you screw them over in their fortress.

Silk Fox herself even lampshades this point. How would I join the Lotus Assassins?

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Have any Lotus Assassins who've seen your face lived to talk about it? Deliciously parodied in a segment late in the game in which The Black Whirlwind is put up against a Jade Golem and an endless wave of soldiers.

The player could theoretically kill them all day, while the game parodies Quake with an announcer narrating the kills. After you kill one hundred mooks, the narrator breaks the fourth wall and yells "Just kill the damn golem already! There is a lot of foreshadowing to notice on repeat playthroughs, main quest and otherwise.

The Water Dragon has been obliquely telling you what is happening and what will happen almost from the beginning, and Master Li's story at the start and the accompanying rendered cinematic are full of clues that are obvious in hindsight. Probably the most obvious example is when several characters, including Silk Fox, state that you seem to have a flaw that makes fighters think they can use it, but ends up being a trap.

Only one person can exploit the flaw, as we find out later in the game. Deconstructed in the case of Aishi the Mournful Blade. The reason she commits the crimes she does is because she's haunted by the screams of the boy who Captain Sen drowned as a child. The Sung brothers are a textbook example of this dynamic; the youngest brother Bu is the most simpleminded and has to offer only naive comments Idthe eldest brother Sui is a coolly composed and educated astronomer Superegoand the middle brother Bo is the most approachable with his sound layman demeanor Ego.

This comes well into play while conversing with the brothers; Sung Bo is the one you can question, with his brothers throwing in their own comments that are left for Bo to explain.

There's two Chessmastersand one honorable mention who's still running a scheme of his own. Most of the game's story is focused on untangling exactly what is going on. Gameplay and Story Segregation: Some of your companions' weapons can damage ghosts, but not yours.

Heck, when you're using your weapons as a ghost, they don't damage ghosts. The philosophy behind the Karma Meter is described in some depth, and has almost no relation to how the game actually rewards points in it.

However, if you pursue a same-sex romance, the camera cuts away before they kissunless you install this Game Mod in the PC version. You're the last Spirit Monk alive and now you're out to stop the guy that made you that way.

As further proof of Master Li's bastardry, he's the one that ensured you would enact this trope so you'd do his dirty work for him. Basically what the game's two ethics systems, Open Palm and Closed Fist, boil down to. Giant Space Flea from Nowhere: The Ancient Evil is almost a lampshade. For four chapters, you're fighting Imperial intrigue the whole way, and then in Chapter 5 your enemy is some kind of being from outside reality who has nothing to do with Master Li, the Emperor, or Death's Hand, and is only tangentially related to the Spirit Monks.

It's never really explained and is never mentioned again, though it's strongly implied that it's patiently waiting for the Water Dragon to be completely out of the picture so that it can manifest. Both are now mortal enemies, as they now represent opposing philosophies.

However, once a year, they meet in Tien's Landing to play a game similar to Go. After one of them teaches you a technique that embodies your philosophy, they finish their game and part, planning to meet again next year—assuming neither dies in the interim. They do not exclude the possibility that they could well kill each other if they appear on opposite sides of a conflict, but their dialogue suggests that they're just Vitriolic Best Buds. Sun Li's manipulations have attracted a creature of Had the Spirit Monk not put an end to Sun Li, said evil force might have grown too powerful for anyone to handle.

As it is, it remains The Unfought. In a game about flashy martial arts, traditional Chinese weapons, and magic, the European-style musket is a borderline Game-Breaker when upgraded. The game has a visual example of this. All the events we see during the rendered cinematic of Master Li's story of the Battle of Dirge did actually happen, but Master Li's words warp the way we interpret them. When Abbot Song recounts the events, we see the same scenes, but with a truthful interpretation of them.

Turns out the bearded man who ran away with the baby wasn't Master Li, and the man with the red mask wasn't Death's Hand. Note also the weapons that Death's Hand uses during the game, and who is carrying those weapons in the cinematic The Jade Master difficulty level that you can unlock on the PC version. In theory, with the Open Palm philosophy as Harmony, remaining true to your place in nature, and the Closed Fist as Discipline, challenging the present order and achieving your own goals. Not so much heroic as drunk and loves fighting and killing, but he's still portrayed as heroic assuming you're Open Palm.

A popular theme, and even one of the Multiple Endings. In-story, one of the most poignant is Sagacious Zu. The only way for a spirit in the world of the living to avoid going mad. If they have will enough they can stay sane for decades. Oh my, is it under a lot of pressure! Any decapitated enemies will stand upright for several seconds with a crimson geyser spouting from their necks, it even takes a moment for the splatters to start to fall around their still standing body.

Without the Water Dragon or Spirit Monks to ferry spirits to the reincarnation cycle, the ghosts of all who have died in the Empire remain trapped on Earth in semi-corporal form. Being in such an unnatural state for long enough inevitably drives any spirit violently insane, leading to them attacking the living out of sheer jealousy. Anyone who dies shares the same fate, meaning that the ghostly hordes continually add to their number. As they are already dead, they cannot be destroyed, only temporarily dispersed in battle.

By the time of the game, the Empire has suffered under the ghosts for twenty years and the problem is only growing larger with no relief in sight. It is the only city shown, and most of the game takes place there.

Humans Are the Real Monsters: How the universe and the Water Dragon view us humans. The Spirit Monk can either redeem the human race—or prove the detractors correct. While preparing for the debate with Sir Roderick, you need to talk to the five judges and find out what kind of arguments they favor so you can more easily sway them.

Each judge will scoff and announce that they are impartial, while naming two or three others and listing the techniques they listen for. The only exception is the Minister of Culture, who admits that he's ill-equipped to see his own flaws. I Call It "Vera": Sir Roderick's blunderbuss, Mirabelle. They're probably the most powerful weapon style available, but you get them by defeating the Ravager, the most deadly Bonus Boss in the game.

Still, at that point there's plenty of game left, and a lot of not-bonus bosses to cleave through.

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Sun Li demonstrates it quite succinctly, but we never actually get to see the weakness in play. Of course, if we could see it, then it wouldn't be subtle. Inn of No Return: It's pretty obvious that there's something dangerous going on with the Pilgrim's Rest inn. The inn's secret is that everyone apart from the cook is actually a mutant cannibal creature disguised by magic; they keep the human cook around to make things seem more "normal.

Yaoru, although he is the only one who would call him a genius. You can learn styles of martial arts in the space of about thirty seconds.

meet jade alive and kicking

Often by buying them from merchants. Occasionally there's a cut to black to illustrate teaching time, but it's not long at all. And of course, you're only learning the basics; mastery comes when you start putting points into it.

You can trick Three Sheets Dutong into admitting that the writ proving his ownership of the teahouse is a forgery by giving him alcohol. However, give him too little and he's too cheerful to want to talk about it, and give him too much, and he gets too paranoid. In Which a Trope Is Described: The beginning of each chapter includes a three-line "Wherein X happens" foreshadowing of what's to come. Said by the PC to a real bastard as the Open Palm conclusion of a sad questline, for a If I help you, you'll only tell the others what I've done.

I have to let you go. Said by the Water Dragon to the player character after the player character's death at the hands of Sun Li. The other students and townspeople can't stand him.

He steals from the dead, is willing to accept easy solutions to his ghost problems as opposed to moral ones, and is fairly spiteful toward the spirit of his dead mother-in-law. Jerkass Has a Point: He is telling the truth when he says he didn't kill Miss Chan's baby; he died around the time he was born.

Although the one point he turns out to be right about in no way excuses the things he does, it turns out that when Gao the Lesser endlessly complained that you were Master Li's favorite student and that Master Li focused more attention on you than he did on Gao or any other students It's heavily implied that the reason Master Li runs a school at all is because he wanted to ensure that his motives for training you seemed normal, and thus you would not grow suspicious.

It also helped to conceal his location from the Lotus Assasssins for 20 years. A master of a school with many students might be prestigious but is certainly not strange. A master who runs a school with only one student is odd indeed. The game initially presents these as equally valid depending on the implementation and essentially standing in for Lawful and Chaotic.

The NPC who initially explains it points out how Open Palm can make you a Knight Templar the Big Bad is implied to be Open Palm and how Closed Fist depends largely on the judgement of the practitioner as to when intervention is necessary it's the difference between being a Social Darwinist and just not stealing other people's challenges. The actual practice still labels Open Palm as good and Closed Fist as evil, regardless of whether this action would make sense.

Rather controversially, a choice made at the end of the game will reverse your karma meter entirely, which doesn't really make a lot of sense if both sides are supposed to have validity instead of black and white morality.

Your philosophy is shown on your status screen, similar to KOTOR, and reaching higher levels will display a symbol of your philosophy over your head when you are stationary long enough.

Sufficiently CF players will also have their shadow exhibit creepy wriggling tentacles. It's subtle enough to be very unnerving when you notice it. If you play female and use Legendary Strike, you will be one.

Literally, for Closed Fist practitioners; the lapdogs in the Imperial City provide powerups. Kick the Son of a Bitch: In order to impress the Lotus Assassin Inquisitor recruiter, you must eliminate one of their enemies. The trope partially applies if you impress the recruiter the "Closed Fist" way, as well: For that matter, he is pretty incompetent; you're not doing much more than exposing the truth with him, either.

Silk Fox is Princess Sun Lian. King of All Cosmos: The Celestial Bureaucracy is sometimes depicted comically; in one case, a god assigned to calculate the karmic effects of your actions throughout the game berates you for making him fall behind on the rest of his work. As Silk Fox is the daughter of the emperor, and Dawn Star is the secret daughter of the emperor's brother, you end up with this trope.

Forest Shadow is a semi-Chinese version of one.

meet jade alive and kicking

According to Smiling Mountain, a common risk of following the Way of the Open Palm is becoming a tyrant to bend the world to be in accordance with your values. Averted for a short time in the first chapter, where an NPC actually asks you about his missing money. You can still commit wanton acts of vandalism against jars in the imperial city, however.

Building up your chi through martial-arts, meditation, etc. An early NPC explains the karma system this way, since Open Palm can lead to being a Knight Templar and a Closed Fist practitioner might still step in to help the weak if they are too overwhelmed to survive and grow from their challenges.

In actual gameplay it is nearly always still just good and evil, although the Big Bad may be Open Palm depending on whether you believe his motives are what he says they are. Limited Special Collector's Ultimate Edition: The special edition came with an extra character model, staff weapon style, and a making of video, though it cost the same as the regular edition.

The PC re-release was actually called Jade Empire: Special Edition and included the extra character model but not the weapon style. It also featured gameplay tweaks and improvements. The physical copy came with an art book and a poster as well. You defeat the cannibal demon Mother by smashing the supports in her chamber and crushing her with her own lair. A Load of Bull: The Bull Demons, among the strongest enemies in the game.

Resolving one in which a man is engaged, but has a childhood friend he supposedly promised to marry, is the focus of a Tien's Landing sidequest.

Also, you, as a male protagonist, could end in one of these, too. And if you play your cards right, it might have a relatively happy ending. One gets the feeling that BioWare was proud of their blood-spraying technology, and aimed to show it off as much as possible.

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The radio presenter just posted the most romantic tribute on Instagram to her singer boyfriend, celebrating 19 years together. Next to the montage of cute shots, Emma, 41, wrote: Every picture I find of us, you are holding my hand.

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