Marceline and marshal lee meet episode speakers

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marceline and marshal lee meet episode speakers

Prince Gumball and Marshal Lee. Adventure Time - Marshall Lee and Marceline. Adventure Time "Fionna and Cake" bump Adventure Time Episodes , Fionna and Cake meet Lord Monochromicorn for the first time. .. Did you know that when Lady Rainicorn speaks on the show she is speaking accented Korean. Episodes. Previous "none", Next "Fionna and Cake Return" . Fionna meets Marceline then Marceline tells her that Marshal Lee told her that she gets pranked a. So the newest episode of “*Fionna and Cake*” just aired along with the Speaking of, I wish we could have seen BMO interacting with them a little, but .. Also, Marshall Lee snatching Cake was a callback to Evicted where .. We may see a Fiona and Finn combined episode where they meet each other.

There at the party, he is seen doing obnoxious things and teasing her, all the while trying to convince her that he is evil. He even goes as far to fake a fatal injury and tell her to admit her love for him. While doing this, Fionna yells out and tells him that in his last moments he should be serious.

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She mentions that he likes to flirt with her and seems to think it is funny. When he sees her emotional and crying and reveals that he was only faking, Fionna angrily punches him, then chases him while he protests and proceeds to hit him again off-screen, laughing maniacally.

Cake Marshall often messes with Cake, but they seem to be on good terms. Although he pushed her into the bushes in the episode "Bad Little Boy" carelessly, calling her "kitty" rather condescendingly, she seemed to recover mostly and was seen smiling after Fionna picked her up and spoke in Cake's defense.

She tried to break away from Marshall Lee when he kidnapped her and flew to the cemetery, which resulted in a short struggle and caused Marshall Lee to seemingly be pierced through the chest on a spear. When Marshall Lee appeared to be hurt, Cake used her body to shield him from the sun while it rose behind them. This completely contrasts with the way Jake the Dog persistently attempted to kill Marceline, despite his being terribly afraid of her, in the episode "Henchman.

Marshall proceeds to drink the pink color out of a cream puff, then toss it at Gumball's head. When the puff hits him, Gumball's response is to grimace and begin climbing down from the roof, telling Fionna he is going inside and she can come with him if she would like "more polite company.

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It is presumable that they have a strong dislike for one another similar to that of Marceline and Princess Bubblegum. Though in the graphic novel, they seem to be fine with each other when creating the magical wand stick for Fionna. It also shows in the novel that when Marshall Lee takes his leave, he tells Fionna, "Tell Gumball I said bye," showing that he cares in a way. Due to the relationship between Marceline and Princess Bubblegum improving since season 7, Prince Gumball and Marshall's relationship concurrently improves, as well.

Marceline is voiced by Olivia Olson. Marceline is one of the major characters in Adventure Time. I just try to make them have faults and strengths just like Finn and Jake have. She rarely walks on the ground, generally preferring to float when she travels, moves, and sleeps. According to Ward, her clothing changes from episode to episode because "girls own more than one outfit".

I love what they come up with [in] every episode. Rynda later called this "one of the coolest parts" about the character's animation due to the fact that "every artist leaves a little bit of their own taste and sensibilities in what they draw.

marceline and marshal lee meet episode speakers

When production on Adventure Time began, Ward contacted his friend Martin Olsonwho was a writer on the animated Disney series Phineas and Ferband asked if he knew who played the character Vanessa Doofenshmirtz on Phineas and Ferb, as he wanted "her as a voice" on his show; reportedly, Ward was unaware that the actress was actually Martin Olson's daughter.

Upon seeing character designs, Olson was "definitely impressed by the character". During this time, Simon Petrikov—the name of the Ice King before he was overcome by the evil power of his crown—found Marceline in the ruins of a city and gave her a stuffed animal named Hambo to cheer her up. Although she attempted to tolerate his evil and selfish antics, she eventually severed all ties with Abadeer after she discovered him eating fries that she had made for herself.

Marceline soon discovered that, upon killing a vampire, she was able to acquire their unique abilities thanks to her demonic power to absorb souls. The two would move into the Tree Fort, but their relationship would come to an end. In the episode, Finn discovers that Marceline is fond of mischief and pranks. Soon thereafter, the two develop a friendship. While Abadeer ravages the land, Finn discovers that there is animosity between Marceline and her father.

marceline and marshal lee meet episode speakers

Finn manages to distract Abadeer by playing a recording of Marceline's "Fry Song", which leads to a brief moment of reconciliation between the two before Finn sends him back to the Nightosphere.

Disguised as Marceline's "spirit animal", he tricks Finn and Jake into believing that Marceline has fallen asleep due to a sleep spell that has been self-inflicted. Following Ash's advice, the two enter into Marceline's mind to retrieve the "memory core" in an attempt to wake her up. Along the way, they encounter various memories of her as a child following the Mushroom War.

However, the duo soon learn that it was an elaborate trick by Ash; Finn and Jake actually removed Marceline's memory of their break-up. In the end, Finn is able to convince Marceline, and she promptly attacks her chauvinistic ex-boyfriend.

After an ordeal, Finn saves Marceline from the amulet. Just then Ice Queen recovers and blasts Cake away from Fionna only to have Fionna knock her magic tiara off which negates her powers. The real Gumball asks Fionna on a date and is turned down; Fionna notes that she does not need a boyfriend at the moment. The episode reveals that the entire story was a fanfiction created by the Ice King that he is reading to Finn and Jake who are incapacitated in ice.

The Ice King asks how they enjoyed his story; Finn hesitates at first but hurriedly placates him when Ice King threatens them with his ice powers. Neil Patrick Harris voiced Prince Gumball in the episode "Fionna and Cake", taking place in a gender-swapped universe, likewise features gender-swapped versions of the inhabitants of Ooo.

A list of the major characters that feature in "Fionna and Cake" follows.

marceline and marshal lee meet episode speakers

Fionna is a brave and adventurous girl who struggles with issues pertaining to attraction and romance. Cake is sarcastic and boisterous but is also Fionna's loyal friend.

Marshall Lee

He is the frequent victim of the Ice Queen's kidnapping schemes and appears that he harbors some sort of feelings for Fionna. Much like her male counterpart, the Ice Queen is constantly scheming to kidnap a mate her most frequent target being Prince Gumball.

The genesis for the episode were drawings that character designer and storyboard revisionist Natasha Allegri posted onto the internet during her free time. Allegri even re-rerecorded the show's theme—which had originally been sung by series creator Pendleton Ward —for the episode.

The second act of the story featured Gumball and Fionna going on a date in a restaurant, rather than on an adventure.