Link and navi meet ruby

link and navi meet ruby

Meet Ruby! She is a Yorkshire Ruby es tan adorable que incluso nuestros gatos, Link y Navi, no importa cuando ella de todo. Lo que en. Mira | Rodney | Ruby | Stitches. Willow Meet & Greet with Link, Navi, & Zelda. ~ $,+ Bells Zelda Collectables Display in Link's house. ~ Costumes. Yes we still have Navi but officially welcome Link into the family! Music - Babbs - Follow me on Twitter and Instagram for.

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That is why our life is so wonderful Link. The outside is not as nice and kind a place. And I love you too. Puddle and ponds of blood forming before his eyes. As if it were rain from a bad dream, the red liquid fell and blanketed a sunless floor.

A short ruby encrusted child's sword wallowed in it, along with it's staggering owner. Navi why is this happening? What did I do? They still love you. You're their special child and they need you to do what others cannot.

There is a bad man — a very bad man out here and if we don't stop him he'll come back and hurt our forest again. The Deku Tree lives on in the heart of the forest but even that is in danger. We can go home as soon as we're done. Let's get these Gorons back their food supply. The sky was a brilliant, free blue. I couldn't find Navi in All of Termina. I mean, I scoured Hyrule so I was sure she would be there. I refuse to think that she's dead.

Here again in Hyrule I guess I'll start my search all over. I'll just follow my feet. Anywhere's as good as any. There was a kind of energy in the air that reminded me of Termina's festival. People were happy and exited to be alive, practically. The answer struck me bodily.

Something was off about him. You're that kid that was always running around town. What're you doing out of Termina, kid? Termina had come to Hyrule. This reeked of oddness.

Which in turn, spoke of adventure. Scrambling like the horrified hero I was, I made a mad dash for the Temple of Time. As I weaved through the populous and slipped through alleyways for good measure, I snatched one of the multitude of fliers around on the way. I looked at the shiny piece of paper and I knew: The Hero shall be handsomely rewarded for acts of valour rendered for the Terminan people. Warriors are beseeched to partake, even if they do not consciously recall their status as Hero.

Ah, in the middle the words formed a triangle. Nice, but it looks like the authors just threw words together to make it fit. The whole flier was in bright neon purple and gold — colours of royalty. Below the dynamic text a pair of warriors with interlocked swords glared fiercely and below that was a loud proclamation of the rewards owed to the legendary hero — of which I didn't hold any interest in. Oh hey, the one on the right was going to win. Only he had the feroci — wait what am I thinking?

Despite the cold of the marble temple wall my heart was gripped by a much colder realization. It had gotten to the point where people were advertising for me. People didn't do things for free — not of this scale.

There was need within this paper. I didn't want to be needed. I wanted to be left to rest. I deserved to be left to rest. I want my fairy.

link and navi meet ruby

I want my forest. And I want at least a good solid year of boredom. Then I don't know I'll probably come out and save a few worlds for kicks again.

But I want my vacation first. I mean, I'd just finished saving the world. How pathetic was it that it was in jepordy again? An unusual feeling burned within me. A hot magma of frustration bubbled and raged such that I didn't think it was possible to contain within my current body. So I let it out in an incensed rant against the heavens, shaking my fist as I went.

Haven't I had enough?! People had their favourites But I couldn't keep it up: It was unnatural, it was silly. They didn't bother themselves with being involved in a person's life — they had left the world altogether. Saria had taught me that much. It was the world I was mad at. My dark and brooding thoughts were interrupted quite rudely. A soft melodic laugh was usually just the type of thing to banish such a mood, though mine was made of sterner stuff.

I happened to know that laugh. It was a particular kind of laugh, you see. It was neither annoying nor ignorable and altogether it was more pleasant and soothing and It was the kind of laugh no one is born with. The kind you have to practice in front of a teacher. My heart filled with trepidation. If my memory is true, then that My list of kokkiri insults were understandably limited. And when I was a grown-up So I used Goron ones from time to time.

There were two figures I then realized. If Zelda was the smaller cloaked one then the one oppressing me, I assumed, would be Impa or some other Shiekan.

Only they and the Gerudo could ever have that kind of skill in Hyrule. I would have loved to inquire who it was, but I don't think my throat would survive. The royal nanny stood down only after stealing my sword and shield. Wait, why take the shield? More so, it is impossible to understand the rules of formality of such an insulated culture. If we are to ask him forgiveness of our transgressions upon his way of life, then we would appear foolish if we withheld the same courtesy from them.

And I rather think that drawing blades will get us noticed rather than not. Was that a kid talking? I mean, I could maybe talk like that too if I wanted but I spent almost a year as a seventeen year old solving the problems of adults, half of another saving Termina, and I grew up in forest where everyone was like, a hundred years old. Yes, they talked like kids. But when they wanted to sound smarter than you, as if jumping off the building with a cuckoo strapped to each leg was scientifically proven in all but fact, they could pull some words too absurd to be made up.

What was her excuse? I touched my throat, feeling for any trace of the blade. Yeah that was Impa. Should I call for the town watch? I should have hidden my disinterest in finding her here.

I should have stood, faced her, bowed or kissed her hand or something I suppose. I was being very rude but I just didn't care.

Well as long as Saria didn't find out Actually, this was better. Impa was emitting a low hiss — like a cat. Maybe if I kept it up she'd come at me again. You must lay the Master Sword to rest and close the Door of Time However, by doing this, the road between times will be closed Link, give the Ocarina to me As a Sage, I can return you to your original time with it.

When peace returns to Hyrule It will be time for us to say good-bye Now, go home, Link. Regain your lost time! I've been waiting for you, Hero of Time When evil rules all, an awakening voice from the Sacred Realm will call those destined to be Sages, who dwell in the five temples.

One in a deep forest One on a high mountain One under a vast lake One within the house of the dead One inside a goddess of the sand Together with the Hero of Time, the awakened ones will bind the evil and return the light of peace to the world. This is the legend of the temples passed down by my people, the Sheikah. Survivor of the Sheikahs As I see you standing there, holding the mythical Master Sword, you really do look like the legendary Hero of Time If you believe the legend, you have no choice.

You must look for the five temples and awaken the five Sages One is waiting for the time of awakening in the Forest Temple. The Sage is a girl I am sure you know Because of the evil power in the temple, she cannot hear the awakening call from the Sacred Realm Unfortuantly, equipped as you currently are, you cannot even enter the temple But, if you believe what I'm saying, you should head to Kakariko Village Do you understand, Link?

Link says yes To save the forest girl, you need another skill Head to Kakariko Village! But there are still other Sages who need your help. In order to awaken other sages, you must become more powerful. You must travel over mountains If you want to return to your original time, return the Master Sword to the Pedastal of Time. By doing this, you will travel back in time seven years The time will come when you will need to return here quickly. I will teach this to you for when that time comes The Prelude of Light Ganondorf[ edit ] The Triforce parts are resonating.

They are combining into one again. The two parts that I could not capture on that day seven years ago I didn't expect that they would be hidden within you two. I demand you return them to me. You want a piece of me?! I like your attitude! Someday when this seal is broken, that is when I will exterminate your descendants. As long as the Triforce of Power is in my hand I underestimated that boy.

Do you know who I am?! I am Ganondorf and soon I will rule the world! It looks like you may be gaining some slight skill But you have defeated only my phantom When you fight the real me, it won't be so easy!

link and navi meet ruby

What a worthless creation that ghost was! I will banish it to the gap between both dimensions!! Mido[ edit ] Hey you! Without a fairy, you're not even a real man!

You've got a fairy? The Great Deku Tree actually summoned you? Why would he summon you and not the Great Mido? I don't believe you! You aren't even fully equipped yet. How do you think you're going to help the Great Deku Tree without both a sword and a shield ready? I don't I have my equipment ready, but if you want to pass, through here, you should at least equip a sword and shield!

I am the great Mido! So you've got a Deku Shield Is that the Kokiri Sword? Still, even with all that stuff, a wimp is still a wimp, huh? How did you get to be the favorite of Saria and the Great Deku Tree? You killed the Deku Tree? It seems Saria has turned her eye to you, too.

Saria won't ever come back I made a promise to Saria If Link came back, I would be sure to tell him that Saria had been waiting for him If you see him I'm sorry for being mean to him. Tell him that, too. Saria[ edit ] Oh, you're leaving Because you are different from me and my friends But that's OK, because we'll be friends forever Link climbs down from his tree house to Saria Wow! Finally, a fairy came to you, Link!

I'm so happy for you! Now you're a true Kokiri, Link! The Great Deku Tree has summoned you? It's quite an honor to talk to the Great Deku Tree.

I'll wait for you here. Go see the Great Deku Tree! Please don't forget this song! When you want to hear my voice, play Saria's Song. You can talk with me anytime The Forest Barrier is dispelled! I've been waiting for you, Link!

This is the Sacred Forest Meadow. It's my secret place! This place will be very important for both of us someday. That's what I feel. If you play the Ocarina here, you can talk with the spirits in the forest. Would you like to play the Ocarina with me? Link says "yes" Okay. Because of you, I could awaken as a Sage The Sage of the Forest Temple I always believed you would come.

Because I know you You don't have to explain it to me Because it is destiny that you and I can't live in the same world. I will stay here as the Forest Sage and help you Now, please take this Medallion Your clothes, they're so different. Wait, are you from the forest, fairy boy? My mother composed this song. Let's sing it together! You have an ocarina?

It seems like Epona is afraid of you, fairy boy Oh, it's the fairy boy again! I heard you found my dad! How did you like the castle? Did you see the Princess? Dad came home in a hurry after you found him. Oh yeah, I have to introduce you to my friend, fairy boy! Her name is Epona. Link with his ocarina out Oh, cute ocarina! Are you going to play this song with that ocarina? What would you like as your prize? How'd you like to marry Malon? She's really gonna let me have it!

I haven't seen you around, kid What do you want? You're just a kid! The temple is no place for kids!

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

I don't know anyone like that. You have nothing to do? Can you do me a favor, kid? Wait a second, I want to ask you first--you wouldn't happen to be one of Ganondorf's Don't try to act cool, kid. I was just asking! A kid like you could never be one of Ganondorf's followers!

Well, let's cut to the chase I think I like you. First of all, let me introduce myself. I'm Nabooru of the Gerudo. I'm a lone wolf thief. But don't get me wrong! Though we're both thieves, I'm completely different from Ganondorf. With his followers, he stole from women and children, and he even killed people!

A kid like you may not know this, but the Gerudo race consists only of women. Only one man is born every hundred years Even though our laws say that lone male Gerudo must become King of the Gerudo, I'll never bow to such an evil man!

By the way, what is your name, kid? What kind of name is that? I want to ask you a favor Will you go through this tiny hole and get a treasure that's inside? The treasure is the Silver Gauntlets. If you equip them, you can easily push and pull very heavy things! No, no, no, kid! Don't even think about taking this treasure for yourself! The Silver Gauntlets won't fit a little kid like you if you try to equip them! I want you to be a good boy and give them to me!

Ganondorf and his minions are using the Spirit Temple as a hideout. Only the Silver Gauntlets will allow me to sneak deep into the temple. Once there, I'm going to steal all the treasure inside and mess up their plans! Will you do it? You and I, let's give Ganondorf and his followers a big surprise, shall we? If you can successfully get the Silver Gauntlets I'll do something great for you! Where are you taking me? Link, get out of here!

The Spirit Barrier is dispelled! Kid, let me thank you. I really messed up I was brainwashed by those old witches and used by Ganondorf to do his evil will But isn't that funny? That a person like me could turn out to be the Sage of Spirit!

link and navi meet ruby

And now, I'm going to fight them as one of the six Sages! I'm going to pay them back for what they did to me! Link, the Hero of Time! Instead of keeping my promise I made back then, I give you this Medallion! Ruto[ edit ] You! I am Ruto, Princess of the Zoras. Are you saying my father asked you to come here to save me? I'd never ask anyone to do such a thing! My father is worried about me? Anyway, I can't go home right now. Get out of here! Are you still hanging around here?

I told you to go away! I've been going inside Lord Jabu-Jabu's belly since I was little, but Lord Jabu-Jabu is very strange today There are electrified jellyfish and strange holes around On top of that, my precious stone was That's none of your business! You're that worried about me? Then I will give you the honor of carrying me! I won't leave until I find the thing I'm looking for.

You'd better believe me! How could you leave me behind?! If you're a man, act like one! That's what I've been looking for! Throw me up there! I got very upset when Lord Jabu-Jabu swallowed it While I was feeding him, he suddenly swallowed me! I was so surprised I dropped it inside But, now that I've found it, I don't need to be in here anymore!

So, take me home, right now! What took you so long? I was just lonely, that's all Well, anyway, you saved me, so I guess I'll reward you.

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What do you wish? My mother gave it to me and said I should give it only to the man who will be my husband. You might call it the Zora's Engagement Ring!

I'll give you my most precious possession: Don't tell my father Did my most precious possession help you in your quest? You're Link, aren't you? Princess of the Zoras! I never forgot the vows we made to each other seven years ago!

You're a terrible man to have kept me waiting for these seven long years But now is not the time to talk about love I'm sure you've already seen it! A young man named Sheik saved me from under the ice But my father and the other Zoras have not I want to save them all! I want to save Zora's Domain! You have to help me!

link and navi meet ruby

This is a request from me, the woman who is going to be your wife! Link, you have to help me destroy the evil monster in the Temple, OK?!

Ocarina of time Navi meets Link

Inside the Water Temple, there are three places where you can change the water level. I'll lead the way. I would have expected no less from the man I chose to be my husband.

Zora's Domain and its people will eventually return to their original state. The Water Barrier is dispelled! Deku Tree[ edit ] Navi Navi, where art thou? Oh Navi, the fairy, listen to my words The words of the Deku Tree Dost thou sense it? The climate of evil is descending upon this realm. Malevolent forces even are now mustering at attack our land of Hyrule. For so long, the Kokiri Forest, the source of life, stood as a barrier, deterring outsiders and maintaining order of the world.

But before this tremendous evil power, even my power is as nothing. It seems the time has come for the boy without a fairy to begin his journey.

link and navi meet ruby

The youth whose destiny it is to lead Hyrule to the path of justice and truth. Find our young friend and guide him to me. I do not have much time left. The fate of the forest, nay, the world, depends upon thee! Verily, thou hast felt it. The time has come to test thy courage. Enter Link, and you too, Navi. Press C up to listen to Navi and her words of wisdom. Listen carefully to what I, the Great Deku Tree, am about to tell thee Then enter, brave Link, and thou too, Navi.

Navi the fairy, thou must aid Link. And Link, when Navi speaks, press C up and listen well to her words of wisdom. In the vast, deep forest of Hyrule Long I have I served as the guardian spirit I am known as the Deku Tree The children of the forest, the Kokiri, live here with me. Each Kokiri has his or her own guardian fairy. However, thine is one boy who does not have a fairy… Because you and Saria broke the curse place on the forest temple, I can now grow and flourish!

Link, have you seen any of your old friends lately? They didn't recognize you did they? That's because the Kokiri never grow up! Even after 7 years, they're still kids! You must be wondering why only you grew up! Well, as you might have already guessed, you're not a Kokiri! You are a Hylian. I am happy to finally reveal this secret to you! Some time ago, before the King unified this country, there was a fierce war in our world.

One day, to escape the fierce war, a Hylian mother and her baby boy came into this forbidden forest. The mother was gravely injured The Deku Tree could sense that the young boy was a child of destiny, whose fate would effect the entire world, so he took him into the forest.

After the mother passed away, the young boy was raised a Kokiri. And now, finally, the day of destiny has come! You were a Hylian and was always bound to leave the forest and join forces with these two. That's right, you must save the land of Hyrule!

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Now, Link, break all of the curses on the temples and bring peace to Hyrule! Kaepora Gaebora[ edit ] Hey, over here! Good to see you again! That is a sacred place where few people have ever walked. I can hear a mysterious tune You should listen for that tune too If you are courageous, you will make it through the forest just fine Just follow your ears and listen to the sounds coming from the forest!

Did you learn an Ocarina song from Saria? That melody seems to have some mysterious power. There may be some other mysterious songs like this that you can learn in Hyrule. If you hold the Ocarina with C where a melody is necessary, a musical staff will appear.

I recommend that you play a song you know. I also suggest that you play even when a score is not displayed. Hoo hoo hoo hoot hoot hoot! Do you want to hear what I said again?

It appears that the time has finally come for you to start your adventure!