Kaylie and austin meet rock

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kaylie and austin meet rock

Austin, Max, Payson and Kaylie, all sneak into the gym after hours to help The Rock girls are not to happy with Kelly's banner or her newly. Josie Loren plays girly Kaylie Cruz, Cassie Scerbo plays scheming Lauren All or Nothing []; Battle of the Flexes []; And the Rocky Goes To. .. Kaylie (to Austin): Did you hit your head on a dismount or something?! need to concern yourself about is this: are you ready, right now, to meet your destiny?. champion of The Rocky Mountain Gymnastics Training Center ("The Rock"), Austin meets with Kaylie he next day believing he made the final cuts by claiming .

Carter, even when Sasha asks her, does not say with whom was the girl with whom he had relations. After Kaylie's victory at Nationals, she and male silver medalist Nicky Russo were placed together for advertising purposes.

At first they did not get along because Nicky thought she was a spoiled princess who came out of nowhere to get the gold medal and tells her that she not even a serious gymnast.

kaylie and austin meet rock

However, the two put aside their differences and perform a duet floor routine together per Sasha's request in the Rock Open House Exhibition. They also start to have feelings for each other, but decide not to pursue them out of respect for Payson. Kaylie decides to swear the boys and concentrate solely on gymnastics, but in season 2 she meets Austin Tucker, a gymnast who won a gold medal at the Olympics. Austin worries about Kaylie and remarks She does not eat. Austin's little sister went through an eating disorder, so he tries to help Kaylie.

When Kaylie collapses during Worlds, Austin catches her when she falls from the beam and is seen holding her hand in the hospital. Austin also hit Damon, Emily's boyfriend.

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She falls in love with Austin Tucker and tries to help Austin with his floor routine to survive the last cuts to enter the world team heading for the Olympics.

She recommends substituting an easier trick in to help with his injured shoulder. To show her support, she gives him a page of her journal which talks about the day she told him she loved him. Austin meets with Kaylie he next day believing he made the final cuts by claiming that they did not even want to see his rings routine.

Austin discovers that he does not make the team and blames Kaylie for distracting him and tell her she stopped his dream of going to the Olympics for another gold medal.

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This was typed on my ipod, and I was a little confused on how to format it. Please review and if you have advice on formatting that'd be great, or if it's fine let me know that too. The first day back after Worlds Kaylie sat patiently in her living room fully dressed for a day of training at The Rock. Kaylie's dad walked in and asked "Kaylie shouldn't you be leaving for the gym soon?

You're going to be late!

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But I'm leaving soon. Alex just gave a confused look Is Austin here yet! Kaylie gave her mother the death glare "Ohh. The same boy who was talking about how he was falling for you and all that crap?

kaylie and austin meet rock

Look at how cute! Kaylie, Sasha has a no dating policy. He's going to see that magazine and then what are you going to do?

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And besides don't you think this may be a distraction from your gymnastics? But I can guarantee Austin won't affect my gymnastics And if he does it'll be for the better.

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Just then the door bell rang! The word "Hey" was all he could get out before Kaylie pushed him out of the way so she could close the door behind them giving them privacy away from her parents. Then Kaylie grabbed hold of Austin's arms and pressed her chest against his. His lips then meet hers and they shared a deep kiss.