Jessi smiles and curtis lepore meet

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jessi smiles and curtis lepore meet

Curtis Lepore is a free man. After being accused of raping his ex-girlfriend, Jessi Smiles, the Vine star plead guilty of felony assault on Feb. Jessi Smiles and Curtis LePore represent a new breed of celebrity: the After commenting on each others' videos, they arranged a meeting in. But once they met in the real world, things went horribly wrong. By See Vine superstars Jessi Smiles and Curtis Lepore's “greatest hits”.

After her mother Christina married again, she and her brother Joey started living with her stepfather Joe Ferrero, a TV and radio personality. Jessi has three step-brothers.

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One of her brothers is autistic. As a child, Jessi Smiles was interested in a number of things and wanted to be a ballerina or a basketball player among other things.

jessi smiles and curtis lepore meet

According to her father, I hot-headed, but generous, and loves to give much more than she receives. Education History There is no information on her educational background. She was homeschool for her senior year.

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Professional Life and Career Jessi smile as a teenager, she started working as a makeup artist and learned about the Vine platform from a Model. Jessi, who is considered herself funny despite telling her otherwise, found the platform fitting for her type of humor.

jessi smiles and curtis lepore meet

She soon started posting funny videos on Vine and attracted a lot of attention. It took her only a month to reach 1 million followers. Jessi made friends with another popular Viner, Curtis Lepore, who showed interest in her work, and the two collaborating vines together.

jessi smiles and curtis lepore meet

She eventually reached as many as 3. She started focusing on her YouTube channel where is she currently has over k subscribers. Her self-deprecating humor helped her gain 2.

When an 'Internet celebrity' romance ends in an accusation of rape

After commenting on each others' videos, they arranged a meeting in front of thousands of their followers at a New York City park last summer. They shared their first kiss before a horde of blinking cellphones, launching a very public, and very brief, relationship. During the course of a few weeks, the couple posted videos of their dates, propelling their online celebrity status. Then suddenly, to the disappointment of fans, they broke up.

A community divided According to court documents, Smiles says she was sexually assaulted in her sleep on Aug.

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The case is still pending. The allegations fueled a furious online reaction, dividing Viners into teamjessi and teamcurtis. Rape allegations have provoked ugly online reactions before. Earlier this month, Daisy Coleman, the teenage girl at the center of the Maryville rape controversytried to kill herself after being harassed online for attending a party, according to her mother.

A new kind of celebrity But reactions may have also been amplified by the particular world of Vine.