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Interview: James McPake, Hibernian captain - The Scotsman

IT WAS good to finally meet my new team-mates and get stuck into training sessions at Coventry this week. JAMES McPAKE knows his father would be beaming with pride to McPake's dad had been the one constant throughout his football journey. Hibernian captain James McPake speaks to the media ahead of the Scottish Cup final meeting against Mohamed Salah celebrates with Liverpool team-mates.

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Interview: James McPake, Hibernian captain

James McPake, far right, just because he is captain of the team but to be honest he is not that bad. There are plenty of candidates for that but Dermot McCaffrey takes the prize. He was born in Northern Ireland so there is Irish in him but he is pretty daft.

Which player had the strangest job before becoming a pro? Livi are such a young team that most of the guys came through the ranks from school. What's the best football putdown you have ever heard?

Oscar Rubio, the Spaniard, was agreat guy and his English was fine but a bit broken at times.

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Anyway he had the dressing room creased up with laughter at half-time one day when we were playing Celtic. Celtic were up after 20 minutes and John Hartson was giving Oscar a hard time. He attended every Livingston game and visited every ground in Scotland. He never missed a game. I always drove him to matches and we would chat in the car an hour before the game. We waved to each other before every match.

Dundee's James McPake reveals his heartache when his father died in same week his daughter was born

The strangest thing is I still look up into the stands and my dad is not there. It hurts not to see him. When I was rubbish he would say I played well. My dad was the complete opposite. He loved the fact I was a football player. They are either Celtic or Rangers but as I got older and played against them I lost it a little bit, but I still like to see them winning, especially when they play Rangers. I prefer Glasgow to Edinburgh. They are very different cities and you either like one or the other, but, for me, Glasgow is better.

I always wanted to be a footballer and it is the only thing I have ever wanted to do or been interested in, so I am just glad that I have had the chance to do it so far, and I will have to see how it goes. This is the next step for me to see how I can progress. I have never even thought about it to be honest. It is strange because it is a sort of homecoming for my family coming down here because my oldest sister, Anne-Marie, was born here.

Captain James McPake

My mother and father lived down here for three or four years some odd years ago. I think my dad came down here to work and my parents have got friends down here so they were delighted when they knew I was moving to Coventry. I am not sure if they will be down for the match this weekend but hopefully my girlfriend, Dawn, will be joining me for a few days this week.