Jack and ianto meet when they are little boys

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jack and ianto meet when they are little boys

Characters: Ianto, Jack, Gwen, Rhys, Rhiannon, Mica, David (Janto, Gwen/Rhys) Chapter Summary: Mica makes a discovery on CCTV that forces the kids into hiding. Spoilers: Character He looked at Jack, meeting his gaze. “Something. Jack decided to take Ianto home that night so that there was less danger of him . I met little Owen yesterday when I brought my step-kids to pla – is he dressed. Jack watched the back of Ianto's naked body and decided that Ianto was sex on legs. . "A right mummy's boy, you were when you were little.

You're gonna rattle on with that how can this be true, kind of shtick. What's it gonna take for you people?

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If you want evidence of aliens, how about that great spaceship hovering over London on Christmas Day? What about the Battle of Canary Wharf? A Cyberman in every home? My boyfriend says it's like a sort of terrorism. Like they put drugs in the water supplies. Psychotropic drugs, causing mass hallucinations and stuff. Yeah, well your boyfriend's stupid. Oh, you've met him? You catch aliens for a living.

You're an alien catcher? Caught any good aliens? That's a hell of a job. And who are you, then? I did some research and there's only one Captain Jack Harkness on record. And he disappeared in Well, that couldn't be me, could it? We don't just catch aliens.

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We scavenge the stuff they leave behind. Find ways of using it. Arming the human race for the future. The twenty first century's when it all changes, and you gotta be ready.

But who's in charge of you? Is it the government or what? We're separate from the government, outside the police, beyond the United Nations. But so could you. All alien technology stays on the base. No one's allowed to take anything outside.

jack and ianto meet when they are little boys

So go on, then; How the hell did you end up in Cardiff? This is Torchwood Three. Torchwood One was London, destroyed in the Battle.

jack and ianto meet when they are little boys

Torchwood Two is an office in Glasgow. A very strange man Torchwood Four's kinda gone missing, but we'll find it one day.

Jack and Ianto’s children

So you just fancied Cardiff? There's a rift in space and time running right through the city. The Weevils didn't come in a spaceship. They kinda just slip through. All sorts of things get washed up here. Creatures, timeshifts, space junk, debris.

jack and ianto meet when they are little boys

Sounds like Cardiff, yeah. But where are you from? All sorts of places. Thing is, we could liaise on this. I could be like your liaison with the police.

Right, I can see the mistake. You think because we showed up at the scene of crime, we're out to catch the killer. Nothing to do with us. Then what were you doing there? We need murder victims, simple as that.

The glove only works on the recently deceased, and the more violent the trauma, the stronger the resurrection.

jack and ianto meet when they are little boys

All we need is fresh meat. No, you were asking that man, John Tucker. You were asking him about his killer. He'd just been murdered, what else are you gonna ask? You could get an ID. And your work is more important? Now you got it. Well, that's tough shit. I can tell them what you've got, 'cause that glove could help us. Captain Jack and Ianto. And then one day you find yourselves together, and… Fade in on Jack and Ianto. Slow to germinate, but dependable as the sunrise, they grew from boss and peon to trusted colleagues, to a couple that ripped the heart out of a world of geeks when they were finally parted.

Ianto on the other hand would be classed by those who like to box people up as heteroflexible identifying mostly with heterosexuality, but refusing to pigeonhole himself as exclusively, all the time, never-in-a-million-years-anything-else, straight. Such kerfuffling also shows a Daily Mailian misunderstanding of the nature of human relationships, focusing purely on the sexual dynamics of the Jack and Ianto relationship, rather than the personal dynamics involved.

Valleys boy made good, Ianto moved to London to work for top secret skullduggery-merchants Torchwood at Canary Wharf, where he had a girlfriend called Lisa Hallett.

When his whole life was torn to pieces at the battle of Canary Wharf, Ianto moved back to Cardiff, bringing Lisa with him.

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Despite the unlikelihood of success of his plans, he still kept Lisa secret, waiting for the right moment to help her back to her human life. Meet Captain Jack Harkness. Or who you think is Captain Jack Harkness. Con man, omnisexual, wit, cosmic cowboy with a stride full of sass and a really good coat — yes, all of these things, but so much more. A man determined to rebuild Torchwood as a force for good, and yet a man who could walk twelve children to an uncertain alien future.