Jack and ianto meet the spartans

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jack and ianto meet the spartans

SPARTAN, also known as Jack and Magnus, was originally a After some time, Jack was eventually allowed to meet his saviors: A group of highly. GARETH DAVID-LLOYD and JOHN BARROWMAN as Ianto Jones and Jack . JOHN BARROWMAN as Captain Jack Harkness - Torchwood/Doctor Who. Ianto also had to tell her that it's what Jack would want. .. "Jack, Martha, you have the pleasure of meeting Menelaus, King of Sparta".

He is also a painter, having created works under the name Anthony Benedetto that are on permanent public display in several institutions and he is the founder of the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts in Astoria, Queens, New York. Army infantryman in the European Theater. Afterward, he developed his technique, signed with Columbia Records and had his first number-one popular song with Because of You in Several top hits such as Rags to Riches followed in the early s and he then refined his approach to encompass jazz singing.

His career and his personal life experienced a downturn during the height of the rock music era. Anna had been born in the U. Other relatives came over as well as part of the migration of Italians to America. Tony grew up with a sister, Mary, and an older brother. With a father who was ailing and unable to work, the children grew up in poverty, John Sr. The experience of growing up in the Great Depression and a distaste for the effects of the Hoover Administration would make the child a lifelong Democrat.

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jack and ianto meet the spartans

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Ianto asks Jack for a Dance

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From the original 58 g bar replaced this size, first available individually in newsagents and in boxes of 4 from supermarkets. While sleeping rough in the dockyards one night, Jack witnessed an arms deal by a group of smugglers being interrupted by the local law enforcement, resulting in a firefight.

He was able to remain undetected as he crept closer before attacking and killing four SWAT officers with his bare hands before slaughtering the rest. While surprised by his appearance and brutality, the remaining smugglers thanked Jack and offered him a place within their organisation. Having no other options at this point, he accepted.

In which Torchwood episode does Jack first meet Ianto?

The next day, he was taken by car to one of Roost's many luxury resorts by the ocean. His new comrades explained to him that many of the resorts on the colony were privately owned by criminals with ties to certain rebel groups, namely the notorious United Rebel Front. Inside, he met with three of the UNSC's most wanted men: Having seen Jack's fighting prowess, the trio saw a lot of potential in Jack and questioned him on his past.

While he was initially hesitant, he would eventually reveal some of his past to the Insurrectionist leaders; namely his involvement in Project SIGMA and their attempts to make supersoldiers. While he intentionally left parts of his story out to the rebel leaders, Jack's history coupled with the revelation that he was only fourteen years old in spite of his stature motivated the trio into immediately taking him into the United Rebel Front, promising him that he would have his revenge against the UNSC for what they had done to him.

URF Years Jack proved an extremely valuable asset for the United Rebel Front, his Spartan training and discipline instantly making him one of their best soldiers.

Over the course of the next few months he worked to smuggle weapons and supplies onto Roost from far-off suppliers at Graves' behest, the venerable leader treating Jack as more of a son than a piece of military hardware. While he did not take part in any combat missions at first, the ex-Spartan was happy with his new life with the URF and proved that he was not only strong, but highly intelligent as well.

Graves quickly dismissed the prospect of a rescue mission, stating that Watts would be quickly executed in the hands of the UNSC. Instead, he and Jack went over surveillance footage from the asteroid base of Watts' mysterious kidnappers.

The prospect of more soldiers like Jack worried Graves who had their base on Roost evacuated within a week.

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Sure enough, by the time he and his allies had left the planet UNSC ships were already descending on the colony world. From this point onwards, Jack as considered one of Graves' inner circle within the United Rebel Front. By January ofJack had been sent by Graves to help engineer the takeover of Gallis, a well-established colony world that the URF wished to make secede. Though their initial attacks were quickly repelled by the UNSC, a number of Insurrectionists managed to entrench themselves within the capital city, taking the civilians there hostage using the false threat of a FENRIS nuclear weapon against their foe.

Suddenly aware that they were about to be raided by his former Spartan comrades, Jack quietly took his best men and whatever supplies they could steal and abandoned the rebels before fleeing the city through its sewer system.

As he departed, Jack left a recorded message and a number of explosives in his command room, certain that the Spartans would attempt to access it later. Following a series of attacks on rebel outposts by the same group of Spartans that captured Watts over the next few years, Jack devised a plan to capture and eliminate the elusive supersoldiers the next time they launched an attack.

Using both Graves and a number of stolen FENRIS nuclear warheads as bait, they would use antigravity plates and neural-inhibitor collars to immobilise them within their suits of armour, taking some of the UNSC's most prized assets hostage and claiming the incredibly advanced suits for their own.

Furthermore, Jack correctly hypothesised that the MJOLNIR suits worn by their foes could only be worn by someone who had undergone extensive augmentation, like himself. Eager to acquire a suit, they situated themselves within camp on the planet of Victoria to await the Spartans' arrival. Graves arrived a week before Jack, and as expected the UNSC dispatched the Spartan team to recover the stolen nuclear weapons.

However, the unexpected addition of a fifth Spartan led to their ambush failing and Graves' death in the ensuing chaos.

The surviving rebels there quickly evacuated and fled the planet before the UNSC could launch an assault with conventional forces. With the loss of his mentor, Jack and the rest of General Graves' forces were placed under the command of General Makosky, who commanded a small fleet of stolen ships on the fringe of human space.

While very competent, Makosky's hesitance and unwillingness to launch dangerous missions against the UNSC angered the inpatient Jack and led to several disagreements between the two.

Eventually they came to an agreement; Jack would lead the ground missions while Makosky took care of administrative duties and Fleet movements. This arrangement worked for several years, until a particularly disastrous mission put their already-dwindling fleet in danger. As the remnants of the URF scattered amongst several colony worlds, Jack parted way with Maskosky and travelled to Eridanus Secundus with his loyal followers.

Makosky would go into cryosleep with his top lieutenants aboard his ship, and was not seen for the remainder of the war. The group had spent the years since Makosky's departure building up a stockpile of weapons and ammunition on the planet and intended to steal as much equipment as possible and join up with another group of rebels outside of UNSC-controlled space.

After initiating communications with the group, Jack and a team of his best troops agreed to pick up their comrades atop one of Sargasso's space stations after they launch an attack on the planet's orbital elevators to momentarily throw off pursuers. His group emerged from slipspace in a Condor dropship several weeks later to find most of the group dead and the survivors holding off UNSC forces atop one of the stations.

After destroying two Police Pelicans, Jack docked with the station and assisted his comrades in wiping out a platoon of SWAT officers as they began to load up their stolen cargo. Before they could escape, however, the group came under attack by two ONI agents who managed to fight evenly with Jack until he was forced to retreat as UNSC reinforcements arrived.

In spite of the heavy casualties, the survivors were able to extract a large shipment of weapons and ammunition from Sargasso, as well as the location of an abandoned military base whose location had been kept classified by ONI for several decades.

Knowing that it would spell doom for him and the URF if they dared to make a direct assault, he planted several spies and recording devices to monitor the cargo being transported to and from these bases and kept track of their movements for several months. Before the ship could make the transition to slipspace, Jack's undercover agents struck and hijacked the vessel, taking it to his base of operations in the Olmara System. A search of the ship upon its arrival revealed the location of several tracking devices; Jack had the ship quickly scuttled after taking the MJOLNIR suit to the Array's main station to have it fitted.

Several days later, a large UNSC Fleet arrived in-system and began to advance towards the partially-constructed Array. The arrival did not worry Jack, as he saw it as an opportunity to test out the Array's offensive capabilities in battle. They waited until the first ship, a Destroyer, came within firing range before activating and hitting it with six simultaneous MAC rounds. As expected, the fleet commander, Rear Admiral Kesson, refused the offer and initiated a full attack on the Array.

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While several ships deployed units to the nearby planet to eliminate URF bases there, the rest launched waves of Pelican dropships in an attempt to board the massive station while firing MAC rounds at the Array's firing stations. With the Array's short-range defences offline, it was only a matter of time before the first boarding parties arrived on the station, leading to a number of firefights across the ship. Though his techs were unfamiliar with the technology used, they were able to get the suit up and running; Jack had minimal time to get used to the armour, which increased his already superhuman speed, strength and reflexes to impressive levels.

He had massacred most of the staff, and transferred gun control to individual ships in the Array. As the Spartans searched the room, Jack ambushed them, swiftly knocking back Wulf in close quarters combat and gaining the higher ground as he ordered a veteran squad of insurrectionist soldiers to attack the Spartans. While Marco and Wulf fought them off, Jack engaged Jacob in a hand-to-hand fight. Angered that they were evenly matched, he knocked Jacob back long enough to fire a missile launcher at him.

Though it was not a direct hit, Jacob was badly wounded, giving Jack a chance to flee. Wulf and Marco began to pursue their former comrade while Jacob tended to his wounds aboard the now-deserted bridge. Jack, realising that he needed to get the Spartans away from the Array, fled to the hangar bay, taking a shortsword bomber down to the planet.

Marco and Wulf took a pelican, intent on capturing or killing the rogue Spartan. Avoiding the zones of conflict on Endrin, Jack was shot down while he attempted to land his shortsword on the planet. Marco and Wulf's Pelican landed shortly after. He attacked Wulf, knocking him out, before Marco engaged him.

The pair quickly discarded their weapons, fighting with all their strength on the mountainside where Jack had crashed. I'll let him tell you though, it'll make him happy.

I love you both" he took a breath "if I ever do anything that scares you, I want you to run for Uncle Gwill okay? I need you to promise. Hermes was concerned, okay actually he was more than concerned—he was seriously freaking out. He knew, just knew that despite their conversation that morning Ianto would still go out that night and get sloshed, slobbered and other synonyms for drunk that began with 'S'. After making sure Ianto left the kids with responsible adults, Hermes went out to look for him.

Hermes had to find him fast before there was any trouble. Ianto was a mean drunk, at first anyway…After that wore off, he got sappy, weepy and horny—not the best of combinations.

Bipolar people just shouldn't drink. After checking a few places someone like Ianto would likely be—Hermes turned his searching to the unlikely places. And finally in a dive somewhere in the general vicinity of Splott— "I'll tell you when I've had enough" Ianto was holding the bartender by the shirt collar. Hermes rushed up to him and eased his hand away.

You can help" he spoke in Welsh and he smelled like a distillery. The bartended looked at Hermes imploringly "Best get him outta here" "Ianto" Hermes said gently and in Welsh "You need to calm down. You don't wanna spend the night in jail, do you? Hurricane this time but give it to me this bastard won't" he shot a death glare at the bartended, cracked his knuckles and great, he was starting to speak like a Welsh Yoda.

Hermes thought fast—Ianto was also gullible when drunk "It's not that he doesn't want to Ianto, it's that he can't" he shot the man a look that said 'play along'. It was raining when they stepped outside—it seemed to sober Ianto up a bit—at first. Thanks" "Yeah well, I look after you, it's what I do. Why were you assigned to look after me? I could use one myself. Ianto broke away "Yes it does. Don't say it doesn't matter. Jack talks like that. Hermes swore in Greek and threw some money at the driver "For your trouble" This is great, he thought as he went after Ianto, I'm the god of thieves and I just paid for a cab I didn't even use.

Great Mother, I'm getting old. He knew it would someday come to this though, Ianto asking why. It was not a subject Hermes wanted to discuss with anyone.

Some things you just didn't tell your best friend. Damn, even while drunk—the incorrigible Celt was a fast runner.

jack and ianto meet the spartans

Hermes stopped in his tracks "Wait, what am I doing? Spending too much time around mortals that's what" He used his powers to catch up with Ianto.

Hermes wasn't the god of speed for nothing. He tackled Ianto the ground he was also quite good at wrestling. And in case you've forgotten Jack's been very honest with you lately" he put his hands on Ianto's shoulders "Why are you doing this? Don't you remember that talk we had this morning? Why are you even my friend?