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William deVry Opens up About His Return to 'General Hospital' Julian Jerome ( William deVry) and Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn)—met an In your first episode back—airing November 6—we see that Julian has been. Julian Jerome is a fictional character from the original ABC Daytime drama General Hospital. deVry filmed his first scenes on July 9, reportedly with Maura West, who had . Julian tries to reach out to Sam, as well as Alexis, who he's falling for. Julian meets Lucas (Ryan Carnes), now an adult and a doctor, but has. Jun 14, Explore Stacy Blake's board "General Hospital: Julian & Alexis ( Julexis)" on Pinterest. Scout, meet your grandfather, Julian Jerome. Julian Jerome: Alexis, you take one step outside that door, and the first call I make is to Sam.

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Sam Morgan Kelly Monaco requests Derek's help to find a bone marrow for her ailing son, Dannybut when he bumps the story, he agrees to get tested to make up for it. Though Ava tells him to keep quiet, he's torn over wanting a family. Sonny exposes Julian's identity, and threatens his life. However, Julian uses Danny as leverage, saying that if he relapses, Julian will need to be alive to donate bone marrow.

Sam begs Julian to bank his bone marrow to prove he cares about his family more than the business.

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Julian refuses, upsetting Sam, who pushes him away. Julian tries to reach out to Sam, as well as Alexis, who he's falling for. Ava and Julian start to grow distant, especially after Ava starts having an affair with Sonny's son, Morgan Bryan Craig. She gives information to Sonny on Julian's business to hang onto Morgan, and Sonny finds out that Julian has a silent boss who has been bankrolling him for years.

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This boss is revealed to be Luke Spencer Anthony Gearywho shows a ruthless side to handling the business. After Sonny goes to prison, he hands over his business to Duke, who also survived the shootout, to keep Julian from taking over. Anna is devastated, and vows to make Julian pay. Julian meets Lucas Ryan Carnesnow an adult and a doctor, but has trouble connecting with him after Lucas reveals that he's gay. Wanting to connect with his family and Alexis, Julian decides to leave the mob.

Luke, though, refuses to let him, and threatens his family to make sure he doesn't leave. Needing help, Julian confesses to a crime, and gets sent to Pentonville, where Sonny is locked up on a murder charge. The two team up to try and stop Luke. They're able to break out with Ava, and thwart Luke.

Julian saves Lucas before being caught. Alexis helps get Julian acquitted, and he's released from prison. Alexis starts dating Julian, and he's able to reconnect with his children, as well. Right before she goes into labor, though, Julian finds out that he's the father.

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Olivia gives birth to a baby boy, but Julian is led to believe the baby died. Olivia left town, and returned with an infant she claimed to have adopted. Julian later found out that the baby boy with Olivia was actually their son, Leoand went to confront Olivia.

Alexis came, and stopped Julian from starting a fight with Olivia, helping him calm down. He and Olivia sat down to talk, and eventually agreed to a shared custody arrangement. During their wedding, the entire congregation was taken hostage by Landon Dixon Troy Ruptashwho was after Ava for calling the cops on his weapons shipment.

Sonny was able to subdue Landon, and he was arrested. Or is this once-classic love story tainted forever? In your first episode back—airing November 6—we see that Julian has been badly beaten while in jail. Just three episodes during my first two weeks back.

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But, by week three, things start happening really quickly. I have faith in the writers and am super confident they will come up with a story that exonerates my character. The fans should not give up on Julexis just yet.

They think Julian is a disgusting character and nothing will ever make them forget what he did. But the other 80 percent really wants to see them back together.

In fact, half the peeps in Port Charles have killed somebody. One murderess is currently in a love affair with the town priest. Julian gets a lot of s--t from a lot of quarters. Yeah, he ordered the hit on Duke Lavery, but Sonny has probably ordered 30 hits. And what exactly does Sonny traffic in? It can certainly be explained that Julian had his nuts in a vice.

He had to make it look like he was going to kill Alexis so that he could save his entire family—and he had a plan to get out of that. That should be enough for anyone who thinks Julian went too far.

True, but do the daytime soaps always have to set an example and be a platform for righting social injustice? Soaps spin on bad behavior. Well, I just hope we can bring those people back with a good story. Inthe role of Julian was re-introduced with actor William deVry. Background Julian is the son of the late mob boss, Victor Jerome and an unknown woman. Alexis is the daughter of the late, Prince Mikkos Cassadine and his mistress, the late, opera singer, Kristin Bergman who used the stage name Nilsson.

Julian 20 and Alexis 16 first met in a bar in Hanover, New Hampshire in After a few drinks, they had a one night stand in the back of Julian's car, which resulted in their daughter, Sam. Julian and Alexis never saw each other again after that night, untilwhen Julian, under the alias "Derek Wells" returns to Port Charles. Upon learning of his identity in NovemberJulian and Alexis shared a kiss and he continued to pursue her for months but she continues to fight their connection.

In Marchthey made love for the second time and began a relationship. In Mayhe attempted to leave the mob for her and his family but was stopped by his son, Lucas being shot. They later broke up numerous times due to her issues with the mob. Alexis began dating and sleeping with her former flame, Ned Ashton, much to Julian's dismay. During that time, Julian had a one night stand with Olivia Falconeriwhich resulted in their son, Leo.

However, the chill in their relationship thawed considerably in February when Julian was shot by Johnny. At the hospital, " Fluke " tried to suffocate Julian with a pillow, but Alexis walked in just in time to save his life. Julian was moved by her concern and as the days passed things warmed up considerably between them.

Their relationship continues be on and off due to his line of work but they are still very much in love. In MayAlexis ended their relationship once again because of the hit that Julian put out on Duke Laverywhich was carried out and resulted in Duke's death.

However, upon learning of his son's "death", he sought her out for comfort and agreed to leave the mob for her and asked her to stay with him. She agreed and they reunited. They have since moved in together, into a house that Julian had built for them and they have also found out that Julian's son is in fact alive and Alexis has since helped Julian and Olivia work out a shared custody agreement.

All of the break ups were on Alexis' end, trying to protect herself, not Julian trying to protect her.

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Between the two of them, they have five children: They are the grandparents of Danny and Scoutthrough their daughter, Sam and her husband, former mob boss, Jason Morgan. Engagement ring In Decemberthe couple became engaged and they were married on February 19, [4] shown from February She still went by Alexis Davis. In September, Julian drops of the signed divorce papers and Alexis gets a retraining order against him. It was revealed that Julian was forced to do everything mob related that he did by his not so dead sister, Olivia Jerome.

Alexis is also still in love with him. Julian and Alexis went to the and Nurses' Ball together. Relieved to be away from her hard life on Cassadine Island, Alexis saw this move as a chance to reinvent herself in a new environment.

One night, Alexis got all dressed up to make herself look older and snuck out of boarding school. She ended up at a local bar, named McCoy's, that night when Julian also arrived at the bar with a group of his friends.

Julian soon caught Alexis' eye - she thought he was cute and she loved his long messy hair and the leather jacket he wore. Julian caught Alexis staring at him, so he headed over to her and took the seat next to her. Julian bought Alexis some more drinks and asked her if she wanted to go outside for some air. Alexis found Julian to be a very nice person. They went for a walk outside together, but it was very cold, so they headed to Julian's car. They kissed and got into the backseat of his car.