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Disney Couples Photo: Esmeralda and Phoebus. Esmeralda CostumeDisney Spartan warrior couples costume Halloween Cosplay. Mrs. Vincent. She meets Aric and Graham in the forest at first, and falls for Aric. She is.. Quasimodo, Esmeralda and Phoebus - The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Mary K. Esmeralda arranges to meet Phoebus and tells him of her love for him, and he .. is the name of the popular assembly in Sparta, corresponding to the ecclesia.

Wait a minute here What kind of a cut-rate production is this? In the Swedish version, where these characters were not voiced by the same actor, Mack instead rants about how P. Flea the last Ratzenberger character shown is leeching off of the hard-working circus bug gieseven squeezing in a flea-related pun. The Norwegian version doesn't have the characters voiced by the same actor either, but since Norwegian dubs in general tend to use the same actors and voices a lot, in this version Mack ends up complaining about the limited voice cast in general rather than just one actor being re-used.

Attempted in the Hungarian dub. Mater, whose voice actor has been part of a popular comedic sketch at the time, uses the famous Catchphrase of his character from that sketch. This was met with mixed reception, only because that phrase included the F-word in an abbreviated form. It was solved by giving Luigi a strong Modena accent Ferrari is based very close to Modena and making Guido speak in Bolognese dialect, that most Italians cannot understand also, Bologna is relatively close to Modena too.

Also, the cast includes names involved in the Italian Formula One world, such Marco Della Noce comedian that at the time was best known for sketches where he played a Ferrari mechanic. In the Brazilian dub, in the scene in which Dash uses Super Speed to place a tack on his teacher's chair, the teacher goes from a regular guy to a Portuguese Large Ham. In Norway, all the characters sound and speak like they come from the Oslo upper class, with some possible exceptions. That would be like having a Scottish setting where every actor used posh English.

The Japanese dub of Inside Out has many of these: Fear laughs for no reason after thanking Joy for letting him know that earthquakes were myths. Anger mentions Riley hated Hawaiian pizza because it had pineapples on it, a fact that was glossed over in the original.

When the Forgetters are deciding which memories to forget, they find two piano lessons to keep: Bing Bong talks in a sing-song voice when reading each hiragana letter when spelling "Shortcut", and Sadness describes the stages of Abstract Thought by using a similar tone of voice. During the latter scene, the depth joke made by Bing Bong is replaced by one about him not being able to feel his fingers.

Joy's "Who's ticklish, huh? Here comes the tickle monster! Bing Bong mentions that "I Can Fly! Instead of "Oh no! Bing Bong's last line, "Take her to the moon for me Joy's impersonation of Sadness is not done in a sing-song voice like the original. The Hungarian dub of the The Spongebob Squarepants Movie rendered much of the dialogue in rhymes, and also inserted a number of wordplays and puns not present in the original. In the Dutch dub, all of David Hasselhoff's lines remain untranslated and several lines were changed or added to indicate that Patrick didn't speak English and Spongebob only had a very loose grasp of the language.

In the Spanish dub of Monsters, Inc. Live Action Films In Jumanjithe hero said when attacking the carnivorous plant: This gem from the Polish version of Pulp Fiction: Whose Harley is that? Kto to jest Zed? Zed passed away, baby.

Turning the "I'm gonna get medieval on your ass! The Italian dub of Batman Returns is full of these. Also, in Italian, "pistola" means "gun", and "pistolino" is a colloquialism for penis.

Hence, the line "You poor guys. Always confusing your pistols with your privates" becomes "confondete sempre le vostre pistole coi vostri pistolini".

Various dubs of Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves wouldn't get the joke. So, it is changed to another line deriding Costner. For example, the German dub changes the line into something like "because unlike that other Robin Hood, I do not cost the producers 5 million", putting stress on kosten cost as a pun on Costner. The French dub had "Unlike my predecessors, I do not dance with wolves. There wolf, there castle!

Also, the "Damn your eyes! Later he makes a bad attempt to cover up that he fetched an abnormal brain, saying that it belonged to "Abby someone. So the original owner of the monster's brain supposedly was one Abt Normal. The Latin American dub of the Get Smart movie got back the original voice actor for Smart and he ad-libbed many of the jokes, sometimes placing Mexican pop-culture references over the original ones and overall made the film much more true to the original series than the English version was.

The French dubs of Arnold Schwarzenegger movies are prone to this. The dub of Last Action Hero has Arnold call himself "Arnold Albertschweitzer" a reference to famous medical doctor Albert Schweitzer and great improvements on the original dialog, like when one of the mooks gets taken out by an ice cream cone to the head " Pour qui sonne la glace! Then the Sparrow refused him, also trying to quote his religious scripture in an attempt to make the Spartan look stupid and unreasonable. Then the Spartan cut through the nonsense and not-so-subtly reminded the Sparrow that he had destroyed an entire civilization of religious fanatics after a lifetime of war and fighting.

And then Lancel Lannister completely lost his patience and attacked the Spartan, confident in his faith that the Seven were watching over him and would grant him victory. It took less than a minute, but the Spartan had soundly thrashed all of the robed fanatics. The crowd, originally assembled to watch Cersei be humiliated, were instead treated to the sight of the Spartan attacking the Faith Militant, tossing them aside like so many rag dolls tossed about by a wild child.

Most of them would live, but even most of the survivors would never be the same again some of them would have limbs which would still ache and never regain full mobility, while others -- particularly those who had collided head-first with hard surfaces -- wouldn't be right in the head. And to think, the Spartan was only holding back during that fight. When the fighting stopped and the dust settled, the Faith Militant lay about moaning and groaning, while the High Sparrow stood there all by himself, looking emotionless.

Apparently, Septa Unella had not-so-subtly run away during the scuffle. And the High Sparrow, damn him, had style as he calmly surrendered and walked away with a serene smile on his face, confident that his beloved Seven still watched over him.

And if Cersei was the grateful type, she might have actually uttered words of thanks to the Spartan. At the end of the day, the newly reinstated Queen Mother Cersei made a demand to the surviving but battered members of the now-broken Faith Militant: Become sworn black brothers of the Night's Watch at the Wall, or be executed the treason the following morning. Beekes rejected the connection of the theonym with the noun apellai, several instances of popular etymology are attested from ancient authors.

It was very commonly used by both the Greeks and Romans for Apollos role as the god of light, like other Greek deities, he had a number of others applied to him, reflecting the variety of roles, duties, and aspects ascribed to the god. However, while Apollo has a number of appellations in Greek myth.

Inthe film entered the public due to the claimants failure to renew its copyright registration in the 28th year after publication. The story is set in Paris inQuasimodo is a deaf, half-blind, hunchbacked bell-ringer of the famous Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris.

His master Jehan, the brother of Notre Dames saintly archdeacon Don Claudio, prevails upon the hunchback to kidnap the fair Esmeralda. The dashing Captain Phoebus rescues Esmeralda from Quasimodo, while Jehan abandons him, at first seeking a casual romance, Phoebus becomes entranced by Esmeralda, and takes her under his wing.

Quasimodo is sentenced to be lashed in the public square, after being whipped, he begs for water. Esmeralda pities him, and brings him some, to their dismay, Jehan and Clopin both learn that Phoebus hopes to marry Esmeralda, despite being engaged to Fleur de Lys.

Phoebus persuades Esmeralda to accompany him to a ball celebrating his appointment as Captain of the Guard by King Louis XI and he provides her with rich garments and introduces her to their hostess, Madame de Gondelaurier, as a Princess of Egypt.

Clopin, accompanied by his beggars, crashes the festivities and demands Esmeralda be returned, to avoid bloodshed, Esmeralda says that she does not belong with the aristocracy. Later, however, Esmeralda sends the street poet Pierre Gringoire to give Phoebus a note, before Phoebus arrives, he is stabbed in the back by Jehan. After Esmeralda is falsely sentenced to death for the crime, she is rescued from the gallows by Quasimodo and carried inside the cathedral, where he and Don Claudio grants her sanctuary.

Later that night, Clopin leads the whole of the underworld to storm the cathedral, Quasimodo holds off the invaders with rocks and torrents of molten lead. Meanwhile, the healed Phoebus is alerted by Gringoire and leads his men against the rabble, when Quasimodo finds Jehan attacking Esmeralda, he throws his master off the ramparts of Notre Dame, but not before being fatally stabbed in the back. Witnessing this, Quasimodo rings his own death toll, and Gringoire, the last image is of the great bell swinging silently above the hunchbacks corpse.

Film Daily stated it was common knowledge that Chaney wanted to play the role of Quasimodo.

A Spartan in Westeros (Halo/A Song of Ice and Fire Crossover)

It is known that Chaney had acquired the rights to produce the film several years prior and had been engaged in negotiating the production with Universal. Evidence of Chaneys seriousness to do the production abroad with a German studio, in AprilChelsea Pictures announced that Lon Chaney would star in the role of Quasimodo and that Alan Crosland would direct the film 6.

He made his debut the following year, opposite Meryl Streep in Sophies Choice. SinceKline has had a role on the animated comedy series Bobs Burgers. Kline was born in St. Louis, Missouri, to Margaret Agnes Kirk, Kline has described his mother as the dramatic theatrical character in our family. Klines father was Jewish, from a family that had emigrated from Germany, klines mother was a Roman Catholic of Irish descent, the daughter of an immigrant from County Louth.

Kline was raised in his mothers Catholic faith and he has three siblings, Alex, Christopher, and Kate. He graduated from the Saint Louis Priory School ininthe school named its new auditorium the Kevin Kline Theater, and Kline did a benefit performance of selections from Shakespeare at the dedication. He attended Indiana University, Bloomington, where he was a classmate of actor Jonathan Banks and he began studying composing and conducting music, but switched to a theater and speech major for his last two years, graduating in I could barely make it to class because this was my passion, while an undergraduate, he was a co-founder of the Vest Pocket Players, an off-campus theatrical troupe.

Inhe played the role in a version of the musical, also with Ronstadt, Smith and Angela Lansbury. He also played the role of Marvin in Pulp Fiction. One of his biggest roles at Yale was the character in the British comedy Trevor. He has also improvised with Cold Tofu and Off the Wall, LaMarr, unlike most of the other original nine cast members of MADtv, had extensive television and film jobs experience when he joined the show.

Even before college, he had voiced a character on the Mister T cartoon show, LaMarr has done impressions of celebrities such as, He has done impressions of Moe Howard from The Three Stooges while playing an African-American version of the character. He portrayed Aquaman, and voiced characters in Young Justice. LaMarr made a appearance in the Will Ferrell film Step Brothers in which he is viewing a house for sale with his wife 8.

The 34th Disney animated feature film, the film is based on Victor Hugos novel of the same name, the plot centers on Quasimodo, the deformed bell-ringer of Notre Dame, and his struggle to gain acceptance into society.

A direct-to-video sequel, The Hunchback of Notre Dame II, was released inin Paris, Clopin, a gypsy puppeteer, narrates the origin of the titular hunchback. A group of gypsies sneak illegally into Paris, but are ambushed by Judge Claude Frollo, the Minister of Justice of Paris, a gypsy woman in the group attempts to flee with her deformed baby, but Frollo chases and kills her outside Notre Dame. He tries to kill the baby as well, but the cathedrals archdeacon intervenes and accuses Frollo of murdering an innocent woman, to atone for his sin, Frollo reluctantly agrees to raise the deformed child in Notre Dame as his son, naming him Quasimodo.

Twenty years later, Quasimodo develops into a kind yet isolated young man who has lived inside the cathedral his entire life, a trio of living stone gargoyles—Victor, Hugo, and Laverne—serve as Quasimodos only company, and encourage him to attend the annually-held Festival of Fools.

Frollo refuses to help Quasimodo, but Esmeralda, a gypsy, intervenes by freeing the hunchback.

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Frollo confronts Quasimodo and sends him back inside the cathedral, Esmeralda follows Quasimodo inside, only to be followed herself by Captain Phoebus of Frollos guard. Phoebus refuses to arrest her for alleged witchcraft inside Notre Dame, Esmeralda finds and befriends Quasimodo, who helps her escape Notre Dame out of gratitude for defending him. She entrusts Quasimodo a pendant containing a map to the gypsies hideout, Frollo soon develops lustful feelings for Esmeralda and, upon realizing them, begs the Virgin Mary to save him from her spell to avoid eternal damnation.

When Frollo discovers that she escaped, he instigates a citywide manhunt for her which involves setting fire to houses in his way. Phoebus is appalled by Frollos evil reputation and defies him, Frollo then sentences Phoebus to death.

Phoebus is struck by an arrow and falls into the River Seine, the gargoyles encourage Quasimodo to confess his feelings for Esmeralda, but he is heartbroken to discover she and Phoebus have fallen in love. Frollo returns to Notre Dame later that night and discovers that Quasimodo helped Esmeralda escape and he bluffs to Quasimodo saying that he knows about the Court of Miracles and that he intends to attack at dawn.

Using the map Esmeralda gave him, Quasimodo and Phoebus find the court to warn the gypsies, only for Frollo to follow them, Frollo prepares to burn Esmeralda at the stake after she rejects his advances, but Quasimodo rescues her and brings her to the cathedral.

Phoebus releases the gypsies and rallies the citizens of Paris against Frollo and his men, Quasimodo and the gargoyles pour molten lead onto the streets to ensure no one enters, but Frollo successfully manages to enter.