Ellis and zoey meet nick

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ellis and zoey meet nick

When Ellis meets Zoey and crumbles into tongue-tied, love-struck Due to Nick's innately patronizing and rude attitude, Zoey and Nick do not get along at first. Ellis has a huge crush on Zoey. He considers it love at first sight. Coach and Nick tease Ellis about liking Zoey, but Rochelle defends him. Ellis states that he is a. The survivors of L4D2 meet those of L4D. Ellis falls in love with And does Nick decisively influence their relationship? I'll never claim to be a good writer but this ending for Ellis x Zoey is the one I always wanted to write:).

Both of them also believe that if there are zombiesthere must also be vampires and mummies. Their only conflict comes over Jimmy Gibbs Jr. Zoey Ellis has a huge crush on Zoey. He considers it love at first sight. Ellis states that he is a nervous wreck when thinking about Zoey and will even tell the others he wants to marry her. When leaving, Ellis will show sadness at having to leave Zoey and wishes to see her again.

On their first encounter when Ellis crumbles into tongue-tied, love-struck embarrassmentshe is never anything other than all business. However, at the end of the campaign, Zoey thaws somewhat and may wistfully wonder if she will ever see Ellis again or whether it would have been a better idea to team up with Ellis' group. Louis Ellis and Louis get along quite well.

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Sharing their enthusiasm and optimistic attitudes, they are quick to wish each other the best. Louis finds Ellis funny when Francis and Nick begin to argue. Louis also feels Ellis will definitely make it to New Orleans, praising him as he leaves.

Quotes and Captions See: The logo on his T-shirt is a "Bullshifters" logo. Correspondence with the developers led to an email reply [13] from Andrea Wickland, the person responsible for the design.

ellis and zoey meet nick

The backstory behind the T-shirt spawns from Ellis' love for trucks. We came up with the idea that Ellis and a group of his high school buddies started up their own truck club, which may or may not still exist, and named themselves the Bullshifters with a logo to boot.

ellis and zoey meet nick

A play on words, if you hadn't already guessed: Valve's genius writer Erik Wolpaw gets all the credit for that one. As for the art, Big Daddy Roth is the influence. He's an artist that is notorious for his motorhead appeal. His style was the obvious one for the shirt design. According to one of his lines upon obtaining a KatanaEllis took karate lessons. In early designs for Ellis, his cap has the Cross of Saint George on it, this may indicate that at one point in his design stage, he was to be English rather than American.

Ellis' tattoo on his right arm resembles Lewis' tattoo, a character in the game, Primal, on his right arm. Ellis is the only character to hold a Pistol or Magnum with one hand. Coach and Rochelle also do this when their health is below 40, but this is due to them being in pain or tired.

Ellis is apparently a Roman Catholic. This is assumed because of his remark about Nick's suit: At my first Holy Communion in second grade. The Episcopal faith also believes in the sacrament of Holy Communion, and the Episcopal Church has a significant membership in the South, including Savannah, Georgia.

The Anglican church also carries out a similar proceedure to the communion called Eucharist. Ellis has many stories to share, most involving his friend Keith in his almost fatal accidents.

However, one story he tells in The Mall involves another friend of his, Dave. He tells no other story about him. The last thing she wanted was some meaningless small talk about the weather or something. But there was something about this Ellis.

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Though she couldn't quite define it yet. Ellis kept staring at Zoey until Coach pulled him into the conversation. The groups immediately agreed to stick together. Rochelle frowned at the discord between the two men and pulled Nick aside. Zoey was too busy tending to Louis' wounds and Ellis kept observing her. Francis continued "I usually hate army types, but Bill was OK. Even though his island idea was crazy, but he probably came back crazy from 'Nam so I can forgive him".

He was listening in to Francis and Coach but he didn't say much, his eyes were continuously drifting off. Coach was amazed that the normally talkative Ellis was so quiet but didn't give it much thought, the discussion between him and Francis was going well and the men agreed on many basic principles.

From what we heard, that place is overrun. After we rest for the night, we should go to the Georgia safe zone some fifty miles south from here.

The Survivors

We think that place is still good. We don't know the way around here very well, though. Nick was the odd one out, an outsider passing through. Coach told the other group all about the four of them missing the last helicopter. We had to fight our way out of that damn hotel, and through a mall. Our boy Ellis here came up with the idea to take Jimmy Gibbs' car and get out of there.

We haven't gotten far though, the car gave out. I reckon the Georgia safe zone is the way to go, as you say". Francis wasn't sure he'd ever heard of this Jimmy Gibbs but whatever, he thought. The car looked nice enough from a distance. The group agreed to go there. Francis and Coach picked up Louis, Rochelle dragged the annoyed looking Nick along and Ellis, all red-faced, found himself walking next to Zoey.

Ellis tried to summon up the courage to say something to her but no words came out, and Zoey seemed lost in thought. The two did exchange looks every few moments and Rochelle, looking back at them, noticed the red blushes on Ellis' cheeks.

She smiled at the passing thought in her head. To their delight, they found a safe room in the building they had observed from the bridge. There was room enough for at least a dozen people and there were provisions. Mostly some health packs and rations but it would do. The following is conjecture and may not be considered canon. Nick's sarcasm, pessimism, and self-centered cynicism arguably make him the most antagonistic character, or anti-hero, in the series.

Almost everyone he meets quickly picks up on these attributes and takes a wary or active dislike to him. Nick's autonomous personality makes him reluctant to integrate fully with the group. In Dead Centerhe either tells the others not to bother remembering his name as he does not intend to stay with them long, or forgoes mentioning his name when asked.

Nick is also quite abrasive when talking and is not hesitant to insult others, especially if they cause misdemeanor on him.

ellis and zoey meet nick

This is most likely a result from his past as a con artist. Strong hints of a violent, criminal past surface when, for example, he says it is illegal for him to have a firearm; is an expert with first aid kits [3] ; and when badly hurt, he blurts out, "Man Nick also possesses a body of gruesome knowledge that he hints at from time to time—including the relative ease and difficulty of getting brains out of suits and blood out of wedding dresses—both of which he suffixes with the line "Don't ask me how I know that.

Although he never quite loses his self-contained and me-first attitude, there are cues that he is not as callous as he appears on first impression.

Nick appears to be very high-maintenance when it comes to his appearance. He often complains about his suit getting ruined, and balks at having to travel through dirty or unsanitary places. Nick believes that the Green Flu outbreak could have been prevented if the world used some more hand sanitizer [5] and gripes about going through the Rayford Historic Underground Tour or the sewers in The Parishsomething which Coach and even Rochelle tease him about.

Relationships with other Survivors Coach Nick and Coach seem to like to trade jabs with one another much like Francis and Bill. Nick is not afraid to insult Coach and make fun of his weight, but will also not hesitate to compliment him when he succeeds in killing a Special Infected.

ellis and zoey meet nick

He seems to respect Coach's status as the group leader, even though he's often the first to voice doubts about any of Coach's proposed courses of action although this is probably just Nick's propensity to complain about everything; when the Concert finale ends and the helicopter arrives, Nick may express his gratitude liberally to Coach [6]. Nick recoils quickly when he has clearly annoyed Coach, and Coach is quick to shut Nick down if his complaints get close to the line.

Their antagonism stops at words, as neither one ever looks likely to abandon the other. In the safe room at the beginning of the Fairgroundswhen Coach mentions The Midnight RidersNick may respond asking if they were any good.