Eastenders jack and ronnie first meet

eastenders jack and ronnie first meet

First Appearance, 29th October Deciding to stick around, Jack comes between Ronnie and Roxy when he buys Scarlet . Jack tells Bradley he must leave Walford quickly, and says he will meet them soon and help them to go. First cousins. Phil Mitchell · Grant Mitchell · Sam Mitchell. Other relatives. Billy Mitchell · Ben Mitchell · Louise Mitchell · Ricky Mitchell · Lola Pearce. Roxy Mitchell (also Slater) is a fictional character from the BBC soap opera, EastEnders, After arguing with Ronnie, Roxy gets extremely drunk and has sex with Jack. She later. Ronnie first appeared on the square with her younger sister Roxy when they but it is too late as James has been found and Jack has returned and met Tommy .

Nick returns to Walford and reveals himself to Dot. Ronnie tells Charlie that she wants him gone. She threatens Nick, saying that he doesn't know what she's capable of. She asks Phil to give her the money stolen from her and Roxy so she can get rid of Nick, but he refuses.

Ronnie steals all the money in his safe. On their wedding day, Phil finds out about the money, and agrees to kill Nick. He overhears this and angrily cuts the brakes on Ronnie's car. She goes into labour during the wedding reception, and Roxy and Charlie rush her to hospital, but crash the car in the square due to the cut brakes. Ronnie is rushed to hospital in a critical condition, where her son Matthew is delivered by an emergency Caesarean section.

She is revived at the last minute, but is placed in a coma for several weeks, before she is finally woken up. After two further months of rehabilitation, Vincent Hubbard Richard Blackwooda man who it is revealed Ronnie was seeing in the autumn ofvisits her.

Roxy Mitchell

Roxy breaks down and admits that, while she was in her coma, she slept with Charlie in their upsets. Ronnie forgives her and tries to move forward, but has doubts about her marriage. When Vincent's wife Kim Fox-Hubbard Tameka Empson discovers that Ronnie and Vincent had dated before, she accuses Ronnie of having an affair with him, but she assures her that they are no longer together. On returning home, Ronnie sets up cameras to spy on Charlie and Roxy, paranoid they might sleep together again.

Dean finds Ronnie's hidden cameras, and Roxy moves out, feeling violated. Ronnie kisses and sleeps with Vincent again, despite them both being married.

eastenders jack and ronnie first meet

Ronnie admits she doesn't love Charlie, and ends their marriage. Charlie and Roxy come up with a plan to flee to France with Matthew, but Roxy secretly tells Ronnie and they plan to double cross Charlie and get him arrested. However, events backfire and Ronnie nearly loses Matthew, though Charlie returns to Walford soon after. Ronnie asks Vincent to help her get rid of Charlie, and he disappears, with Roxy finding his discarded wallet.

She later asks Honey Mitchell Emma Barton to move in with her. When Dean becomes increasingly controlling over Roxy, Ronnie asks Linda's help to get rid of him. However, he cannot go through with the plan at the last minute. Dean and Roxy decide to move away, upsetting Ronnie, so she gets Billy to rob his salon. However, Dean realises she was behind it, so proposes to Roxy in front of Ronnie.

She tries to pay him off to leave, but he realises she is recording their conversation, so plays it to Roxy at their engagement party. They argue, and Ronnie smashes up the Albert bar, before she tells her relative Billy Mitchell Perry Fenwick she is going to kill Dean.

He warns Mick, and eventually Dean's parents Buster Briggs Karl Howman and Shirley, who arrive after Ronnie has given him a drink full of crushed up drugs. She reveals it was only a plan to scare him, but it is enough to make Roxy confess to Dean that Ronnie is a murderer, so he convinces Roxy to go to the police. Ronnie is seemingly arrested during a family dinner with the Mitchells. However, Ronnie realises they aren't police, and they drop her off in a wasteland, only for her to be picked up by Vincent.

He tells her the police are going to charge her for Carl's murder, and she needs to get out of the country. She decides to confess to the police, but Vincent admits that he is a police informant, and Ronnie agrees to leave. However, Fatboy Ricky Norwood gives her a file he found in Vincent's safe, revealing he is working to take down the Mitchells. Vincent tries to blackmail her into framing Phil for drug trafficking, using a confession of her admitting to killing Carl.

Phil, who has returned to drinking, disowns Ronnie, but she still protects him when Vincent plants a gun on him and calls the police. After, Ronnie destroys the copies of her confession and keeps the gun, threatening to kill Vincent if he threatens her again.

eastenders jack and ronnie first meet

Ronnie helps negotiate what she thinks is a truce between the two men, but Fatboy informs her that Vincent is still planning to kill Phil. She organises for men to take Vincent, lock him in the boot of his car and have it crushed.

She is distracted when Jack returns to spend Christmas with Amy. When Ronnie sees Vincent and he has no knowledge of the car, she realises the men put someone else in the car boot, but finds it has already been taken to be crushed.

After Ronnie tells Vincent what she had planned, he goes to the scrapyard and finds Fatboy is dead. He decides not to tell Ronnie this, and lies that the boot was empty. Ronnie then rekindles her relationship with Jack. Glenda returns and tells Ronnie to stop Roxy from leaving but they are unsuccessful when Roxy says Ronnie has controlled her and she needs to be alone. Ronnie re-evaluates her life and, believing that this is the reason why she and Jack are no longer together, asks Jack to leave with Amy as she too needs to be alone.

Ronnie then discovers that Joel has died. Ronnie learns that Phil must remain sober for at least six months before he can undergo the liver transplant, so she vows to help him regain his sobriety. Tim also returns and tries to kiss Ronnie. She decides she still loves Jack, but believing he is getting married, she decides to stop the wedding but when she gets there, Jack is simply a guest at the wedding.

Jack and Ronnie have sex but she returns to Walford alone, fearing she will break Jack's heart. However, Jack follows her and says he wants to spend his life with her. Funeral director Les Coker Roger Sloman informs Ronnie that someone emailed him that she had died, so Jack wonders who might want revenge on her and Sharon tells him she killed Carl, which angers him until Ronnie says it was self-defence.

Ronnie receives flowers with a card reading "RIP", and discovers the person who sent them gave their name as Danielle Jones. Ronnie confronts Hannah, who denies it all and Ronnie believes her, but Jack discovers Hannah's name was on the credit card that paid for the flowers, so Ronnie tells Hannah she knows she sent the flowers. Hannah steps into the road while holding Matthew and is nearly hit by a car. She is arrested for harassing Ronnie.

However, Ronnie is still being watched by someone else. Ronnie speaks in Hannah's defence in court and the charges are dropped. Hannah insists that she did not send Ronnie any death threats and she must have another enemy. Ronnie is concerned when Roxy returns, having been beaten up. Andy is then seen looking at newspaper stories about Ronnie that he has collected.

He remorsefully leaves Walford. Ronnie and Jack get engaged. Ronnie supports Roxy through Dean's trial, comforting her when he is acquitted. Ronnie and Jack decide to move to OngarEssex, to Roxy's displeasure as Amy would be moving with them, though Ronnie then suggests that Roxy move to a nearby house in the same town.

Roxy suspects that Jack and Honey are having an affair and tells Ronnie, who confronts Jack. He denies this and later, Roxy decides Amy should move without her and then asks Ronnie to adopt Amy. After an emotional discussion, Ronnie agrees but later the sisters secretly plan for Roxy to join the couple in Essex. However, on her wedding day, Roxy packs her things as she reveals she is moving away to live with Glenda and Danny, feeling as if she will ruin Ronnie's happiness.

After an argument, Ronnie convinces Roxy to give her away, and she agrees. While on the way to the wedding, Ronnie and Roxy visit Phil for a final time and take a picture with him, unbeknownst to him that it'll be the last time he'll see them.

At the wedding, Roxy begins to break down and says she cannot give Ronnie away and runs out. Ronnie is unable to face Jack and runs off in tears, later revealing she wishes Roxy to move with them and will not accept any other outcome. Jack eventually accepts and they marry after Roxy gives her away. Later, the two sisters get drunk after a happy day and wander outside the hotel; precariously perched on the hotel roof, still drinking champagne, they discuss their time in the square and the start of a new era.

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Ronnie and Roxy find the hotel swimming pool, and Roxy jumps in. Ronnie is unable to remove her wedding dress and sees Roxy motionless, having sank to the bottom of the pool. Ronnie jumps in to rescue her, but is weighed down by her wedding dress and drowns alongside her sister. A few days later, Jack receives their wedding video and watches Ronnie saying how much she loves him, and is emotional watching it.

Jack later visits her body in the chapel of rest a day before her and Roxy's funerals and says an emotional farewell to her. At the inquest into Ronnie and Roxy's deaths, their deaths are ruled as misadventure. Development[ edit ] Creation and characterisation[ edit ] In AprilThe Sun reported that EastEnders would be introducing two glamorous new characters over the summer, sisters Ronnie and Roxy Mitchell. The siblings were created as an extension of the soap's existing Mitchell family, the nieces of matriarch Peggy's late husband Eric.

They were the first major signings made by executive producer Diederick Santerwho told the Daily Mirror that the sisters were intended to bring "sexy, dramatic excitement" to the show. He stated, "They may be glamorous young women, but these girls are Mitchells and have all the strength of character and unique moral code the name implies. In the documentary "The Secret Mitchell", he cited the actress' beauty, toughness and fragility as facets suitable for the character.

Ronnie is in her thirties, [14] and the elder of the two sisters. She commented that the sisters are loyal to each other to the point that Ronnie would kill for Roxy, [15] and attributed her "darker side" to her troubled childhood. She explained that she has been taught to hide her feelings and to be a survivor, which she accomplishes by controlling others, concluding that Ronnie is defined by her childhood trauma. Womack has noted that it is no coincidence that the siblings are named Ronnie and Roxy.

She describes them as "co-dependent and dysfunctional", as well as "chilling, dark and absolutely in touch with what the other is doing". Several promotional trailers aired on the BBC network in summer Using the slogan "The square, under new management", one such trailer depicted both sisters as party girls, dancing, serving tequila in The Queen Victoria public houseshocking the older residents with their raunchy antics and squirting men with a soda syphon to the tune of " The Girls " by Calvin Harris.

This was also their last episode together as they later died showing that they came in together and left together. Two other trailers featured Ronnie and Roxy individually. To the instrumental sound of " Little Green Bag " by George Bakereach sister discussed their sibling, giving snippets of information on their personality and the dynamics of their relationship. Discussing Ronnie, Roxy stated that her sister would go to great lengths to prevent her from getting hurt.

When Carl's mother, Nora White Lynn Farleigharrives looking for Carl, Roxy wants to help convince her that Carl has moved away from Walford, but Ronnie intervenes and pretends to be her instead. Ronnie pays Aleks Shirovs Kristian Kiehling to date Roxy, but she becomes distrusting of him and tells him to stop. Aleks continues to date her and falls for her, acting as a father-figure to Amy now Abbie Knowles. Roxy discovers that Ronnie was paying Aleks to date her, but eventually forgives Aleks when he declares his love for her publicly.

Aleks convinces her that they have separated. Ronnie warns Roxy about her being a mistress; she orders her to give him an ultimatum. She does, and he arranges a holiday. On the way to the hospital, Roxy, Charlie and Ronnie are all involved in a car accident as the vehicle crashes.

Emma Summerhayes Anna Acton is killed after being run over by the car and Ronnie is seriously injured and comatised.

While Ronnie is in her coma, Roxy and Charlie have sex, later agreeing that it was a mistake. Later, Charlie learns that Roxy has feelings for him. Aleks finds out that Roxy and Charlie had sex, and he and Roxy make plans to leave for Latvia immediately, but they split after Roxy admits to Aleks she does not love him, so Aleks leaves with Marta and Ineta.

Charlie admits to Roxy that he thinks he is falling in love with her but says they should stay apart. She asks Dean to keep their relationship secret, due to him being hated by the community for raping Linda Carter Kellie Bright.

eastenders jack and ronnie first meet

Ronnie discovers their relationship and tries to stop them from seeing each other. However, they carry on seeing each other. Whilst Dean is hiding from Ronnie, he finds the hidden camera Ronnie is using to spy on Roxy and Charlie. After Roxy drops Amy off at the airport the next day, she learns that Charlie wants to take Matthew with them. Although initially hesitant, she says she wants to come with him. However, when she learns that Ronnie has been prescribed anxiety medication, she tells Ronnie the plan and they conspire against Charlie together.

When she says he needs to take himself less seriously, Dean cuts a chunk out of her hair in anger, but immediately apologises and proceeds to give her a proper haircut. As a result of this, Ronnie worries about Dean trying to control Roxy. Roxy and Ronnie have a furious row over Charlie and Dean, which turns violent.

Roxy then reports Ronnie's murder of Carl to the police. As Roxy ends her engagement to Dean, who has assaulted her again, he attempts to rape her but Shirley interrupts. Linda encourages her to tell the police, which Roxy does.

Shirley then attempts to drown Dean who finally admits he raped Linda before running away from the police. Roxy is examined in the hospital with bruises and scars left by Dean on her body, and gives her statement. They are unsuccessful after Roxy tells Ronnie she has controlled her all her life and she needs to be alone. Roxy leaves Amy with Jack, who also departs Walford shortly after, in January She is hospitalised but discharges herself.

Glenda has also returned, looking for Roxy as she took money from her and Danny before disappearing. Jack refuses to let her see Amy. She later learns that Andy is in fact Gareth Jones, Ronnie's dead daughter Danielle Jones ' Lauren Crace adoptive brother, who has been plotting revenge on Ronnie as he blames her for Danielle's death.

Despite Andy telling Roxy that his feelings for her were genuine, she firmly believes that he used her to get to Ronnie and she coldly tells him to leave. Roxy is then left further distraught along with Linda when Dean is later found not guilty, despite Roxy and Dean's mother Shirley giving testimony in court.

Roxy is also angry when Jack decides to sell the house Ronnie and Roxy co-own, but he tells her she well get half of the money from the sale. Roxy also agrees to move away to be near Amy but soon changes her mind.

Roxy fears that Amy will not remember her, and she starts drinking heavily but when Phil tells her off and she forgets to collect Amy from school, she realises her problems and asks Donna if she can change. Donna suggests that the best thing she can do for Amy may be to allow Ronnie to adopt her. Roxy then starts using drugs again. Ronnie insists that Roxy is at the wedding and also asks her to move to Essex with her, Jack and Amy.

A few nights later, Roxy embarrasses herself at the market traders' party after taking cocaine. She calls Glenda, who collects her.

However, she changes her mind after Ronnie shows how much Roxy means to her. At the wedding, Roxy agrees to give Ronnie away but is uncertain once more, believing Ronnie needs to tell Jack the truth about Roxy moving away with them before marrying him. Ronnie dismisses this, but runs off in tears when walking down the aisle. Roxy makes Ronnie tell Jack, who understands that Ronnie needs Roxy and agrees to let Roxy come with them.

At the wedding party, Roxy and Max dance and flirt, and she afterwards, they go to her room for sex but are interrupted by Ronnie, who asks Roxy to join her while Jack reads the children a bedtime story.

Ronnie and Roxy reminisce about their time on the square and talk optimistically about their future whilst getting increasingly drunk. They find the hotel's swimming pool and Roxy jumps in. Ronnie is shocked to see her unconscious at the bottom of the pool and attempts to rescue her, but her wedding dress weighs her down and she drowns alongside Roxy. Stevie is due to move out but asks Roxy if she can stay. Roxy says no as there have been complaints and she caused a blackout across the entire Square.

However, Stevie has made a list of safety violations in the flat and threatens to go to the council, so Roxy agrees to let her stay. Several promos aired on the BBC network in summer Using the slogan "The square, under new management", one promo depicted both sisters as party girls, dancing, serving tequila in The Queen Victoria public house The Vicshocking the older residents with their raunchy antics and squirting men with a soda syphon to the tune of " The Girls " by Calvin Harris.

Rita Simons portrayed Roxy. To the instrumental sound of " Little Green Bag " by George Baker famously used in the Quentin Tarantino film Reservoir Dogseach sister discussed their sibling, giving snippets of information on their personality and the dynamics of their relationship.

Discussing Ronnie, Roxy said "My big sister Ronnie, she'd do anything to stop me getting hurt, including getting hurt herself. Boy she means business. We're the Mitchell sisters after all Fights, broken hearts, over the years we've had them all. She can be quite a handful, and she's definitely gonna stir things up around here. But remember, wherever Roxy Mitchell is He commented, "now there's more to the long running BBC1 soap, apparently Yes, it's the new sexed-up, soft focus, raunchy EastEnders trailer and it's hitting your TV screens now.

In a bid to welcome the Mitchell sisters to Albert Square, the beeb have pulled out all the stops and come up with a very slick marketing campaign indeed. Maybe the arrival of Roxy and Ronnie will herald a new golden age for the soap? Or maybe the BBC marketing department is just very good at putting a trailer together Winners were instead told that they would be getting a tour of the EastEnders set, and the website was closed down on 26 July Womack has noted that it is no coincidence that the sisters are named Ronnie and Roxy.

She also describes the sisters as "co-dependent and dysfunctional", as well as "chilling, dark and absolutely in touch with what the other is doing".

The guilt is absolutely killing her. I really hope the viewers sympathise with her Filming was hard and it got to the stage where she couldn't even look at Sam without crying. What she's done to Ronnie is so out of order, but if she could take it back, she would.

And these girls have been through so much together. Perhaps in time, Ronnie could find it in her heart to forgive Roxy Okay, she slept with Jack Branning once, was married to Sean and had a thing with Dr Al for about five minutes. But she hasn't had a bit of stuff for ages, so I think she's due some romance. Not that there's anyone on the Square she fancies. Roxy is the only person to ask Alfie how he feels after the death of his son Tommy Moonwhich Simons said showed how close Roxy and Alfie have become as friends.

The actress commented, "She cares about Alfie and can see that a lot of what he's feeling is hidden behind his sparky exterior.

She's a bit like that too.