Did noel coward and cole porter ever meet

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did noel coward and cole porter ever meet

Cole Porter and Noel Coward illustrate how gay men could survive and thrive, while After serving as a part time volunteer behind the lines, he met wealthy American He was the only person who ever threatened director George Cukor's. Noël Coward was the quintessential, slightly eccentric, upper class English linked as Noël and Cole; Coward took a swipe a Porter is his song "Nina" and paid. They met in , and worked together on recordings and in concerts In , the cast album was revived on CD, with the song, 'If I ever fall in love' Coward/ Cole Porter entertainment, Let's Do It, and the following year.

They worked together again on House of Cards - less favourably received, although Greenwell claimed that it was 'one of Andrew Lloyd-Webber's favourite musicals'.

did noel coward and cole porter ever meet

A series, Rogue's Gallery, appeared inwith Greenwell writing the music; earlier, inhe had written the music for Six Shades of Black, six black comedies. Greenwell told me that inWildeblood had written suggesting they collaborate on another musical. But it was his meeting with the Master in which changed the course of his life. I don't know whether you'd like to help him at all?

did noel coward and cole porter ever meet

If he was pleased with the way they'd received him, he would stay for a little while and chat. Then he'd say, "Coming back for a nightcap? He received an Oscar nomination for his music for Ken Russell's film of The Boy Friend inand his musical of The Mitford Girls was a success inbut latterly, he devoted himself to cabaret-style performances.

Cole promoted the legend that he fought in World War I, but that is most likely pure fiction.

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After serving as a part time volunteer behind the lines, he met wealthy American socialite Linda Lee Thomas.

The survivor of a physically abusive first marriage, Linda was happy to overlook Porter's sexuality in exchange for his witty companionship and a share in his glamorous life. He in turn found in Linda the sophisticated, protective life partner he needed, with a personal fortune even greater than his own.

The Porters married inmaintaining a joint social calendar but separate bedrooms. Although their union had its rocky moments and occasional break-ups, Cole and Linda remained, in their own way, devoted to each other. Linda's patience was extraordinary, and Cole knew how put that patience to the test. After a brief, frustrating affair with ballet star Boris Kochno inPorter limited his sex life to emotionless encounters with sailors and prostitutes.

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He found that sex, like other pleasures, could be far less complicated when it was purchased. Porter's old friend Monty Woolley often joined him to cruise New York City's waterfront bars and bordellos.

The male prostitutes and lower-class tricks they picked up in these places were not likely to talk and would not be believed if they did. The two friends were usually successful in their quests for fresh diversion, at least in part because of their boldness. She returned when a horse riding accident shattered Cole's legs.

In his later years, Porter had several relationships with handsome younger men, but none of these ever eclipsed his relationship with Linda.

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He limited his sexual encounters to young men who accepted payment in return for their silence. If they spiced things up with a little verbal abuse, Porter found it all the more diverting. Porter became a center of the social whirl wherever he went, particularly among the homosexual elite. Coward doesn't seem to have found his sexuality yet though, and in fact he learnt enough from the other little thesbians, such as Gertrude Lawrence, to be able to write convincing strait love-scenes.

Aged 15, he was also taken under the wing of various older men, without apparently causing much comment.

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Cole Porter met Monty Woolley, later an actor, at Yale law school and they strayed together. He first gained fame writing what we would call student revues, and he went on writing them for years after he left varsity.

did noel coward and cole porter ever meet

He made friends with a lot of lesbians, too, notably the famous party-giver Elsa Maxwell. The authors make the point that Coward found love easy and sex difficult; with Porter it was the other way around. And this comes through in their songs: Coward wrote about lost love: Porter wrote about sex: Coward and Porter both wrote alternative lyrics for their songs, for private party use:

did noel coward and cole porter ever meet