Detective conan meet heiji and shinichi

detective conan meet heiji and shinichi

On the fifth time, She meets him, and is completely convinced that her K+ - English - Friendship/Romance - [Heiji H., Shinichi K./Conan E.]. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. Originally a detective rival to Shinichi Kudo, Heiji has since found .. In this episode, Heiji meets up once again with Conan and the gang on an.

Anyway, I hope ya people know Kudo's current situation, don't ya?

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Fine, I have no choice. Let's go back a few days ago. Ya see, Kudo had a date with Nee-chan at this theme park called, 'Tropical Land'. Ya don't know who's 'Nee-chan'? Kudo's gonna punch if I say the word.

Kudo witnessed a weird deal goin' on but he didn't realize that there's someone behind 'im. How should I say this? Let's say, 'smacked' Kudo's head and Kudo fell on the ground.

He was forced to drink a strange drug that would thought to kill 'im. But it had a strange side-effect: Kudo shrank and turned into a 7 year-old boy, well, specifically, into his 7 year-old body.

Now, he goes by the name 'Conan Edogawa' and lives with Nee-chan and her father, Kogoro Mouri-occhan! Now, I'm gonna tell ya some things that happened during my free days. Well, since I had nothin' to do, I decided to visit 'im. Also, I was able to leave without Kazuha knowin' my plan. So, I went to the train station and off I went to Tokyo. After reaching Tokyo, I took a taxi ride from the station to Beika Street. When I reached that place, I decided to look for Kudo's place.

detective conan meet heiji and shinichi

After a few walks, I found the place. Mouri Detective Agency Yeah, that detective agency is the very home of little Kudo. I went upstairs and knocked on the door. Then, the person who opened the door was Nee-chan. She was wearin' an orange apron over her red T-shirt.

She was also wearin' a blue skirt that reaches her knees. Then, I noticed that someone's on the couch readin' a book. If it isn't Kudo. He glared at me for some reason. I smiled at him and he turned away. Then, I heard Nee-chan chuckled.

You wanted to talk to Conan-kun, don't you? I grinned secretly then, I looked at Nee-chan and raised my hands. Just at my chest. Kinda reminds me of Kazuha. But, why am I thinkin' 'bout her!?

detective conan meet heiji and shinichi

Would ya mind not tellin' the brat 'bout my true intention here? I watched Nee-chan as she went to the kitchen to make some food or somethin'. I looked at my left and saw Kudo lookin' at me with annoyed eyes. I even noticed that he was a holding a book. I even smiled at 'im.

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And, that was fast! What's up with him now? So, I decided to start a conversation. Nee-chan gave it to ya? Then, he looked at me with annoyed eyes. Unfortunately, instead of being able to spend a relaxing day onboard, a serial murder case is created, leaving Heiji and Conan to work together to solve it.

detective conan meet heiji and shinichi

After they gather much of the evidence of the murder cases, Heiji and Conan share their deductions with eachother only to find that, once again, their deductions are different. Heiji tries to beat Conan to the truth and goes off on his own to investigate.

When he happens to come across the final piece of evidence that disproves both his and Conan's deductions, he is attacked and thrown overboard into the ocean. Later, Conan realizes that he's missing and worries about him. Tottori Spider Mansion Demon Edit Kogoro and Heiji are hired to solve the case of murders in a mansion deemed the spider god. Heiji and Kazuha found the American named Robert Taylor who's a photographer.

Apparently, the spider god's victims are always found hanged. Afterwards, they find a man hanged. The case continue and Conan and Heiji investigate further in the case. Conan and Heiji cooperate to reveal the murderer's identity and his trick. The third choice Edit Ran is cast in a school play, while discussing the play with her friends, Conan shows up wearing a face mask due to a cold he had when a man falls dead, seemingly by potassium as revealed by a young man in the audience who seemingly turns out to be Shinichi Kudo, but is quickly revealed by Kazuha to be Heiji in disguise.

Shizuka confesses and tells Kogoro that she wanted to see what kind of person he was since Heiji was injured the last time he stayed over. Visit to mermaids Edit Heiji along with Conan, Ran, and Kogoro visit the Isle of Mermaids looking for Saori, who had sent a letter to Heiji and Kogoro asking them to save her from being killed by a mermaid, but when they try to look for her she has been reported missing.

Conan and Heiji investigate the area and history of Mermaids Grave, a forest on mermaid island. They learn that an elder who is over years old is a holder of the arrow and the head of the festival. While investigating three murders occur. Conan reveals to Heiji he knows who the murderer is and to meet him later, but later he and Kazuha fall off a cliff but later it seem that Heiji had saved both him and Kazuha. Heiji's parents got invited but they both got colds and can't go.

Heiji decides to invite Conan, Ran, and Kogoro to come to the party. Three famous athletes from America are going to be there also.

detective conan meet heiji and shinichi

Once Heiji told Conan who the three athletes are, Conan accepts the invitation. Suddenly, the news reporter named Ed McCay who was invited to the K3 Restaurant asks that isn't Japan the home of many scandals, and mentions that K stands for "kitanai" meaning filth. He's a reporter that specializes in exposing famous athletes' scandals.