Dbz fanfic bardock meet pan and bra

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dbz fanfic bardock meet pan and bra

Of course, Bra had gotten Pan four inch heels to top it off. of Lord Bardock Son and Lady Neva Son, Gohan Goku Son, Goten Goken Son. Pan could see that he was worried for her so she smiled at him. "If I'm not I can just Fasha and Bardock both nodded as they hurried with their work. Fasha was the Bra had even came with them. "Pan is that you K. Vegeta saw her coming back over so he walked a little ways to met her. "Are you alright. Pan and Bra's Transformation l Bardock's 6. As usual, I don't own Dragon Ball Z. I only own some Gods, Goddesses, Zi-Kita, Demona, and a.

This was because she was so full of life.

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Goten whispered to her. As soon as they reached the palace and placed themselves inside Pan was immediately fascinated by everything around her. The tall mighty building was surrounded by wall to wall technology rooms, storage for weapons, training facilities, etc. I just haven't been bothered to tell anyone except these two. Pan bit her lip. I have all I need right here. My king, my fellow warriors, a few relatives, and Pan cocked an eyebrow.

dbz fanfic bardock meet pan and bra

Father has had his eyes on her for awhile. She's a good friend of mine. I'm just concerned about her. Queen Bulma, smart, beautiful, not to mention kind and sincere. She had the diplomatic power on the planet.

King Vegeta, what a character. He was powerful physically and a great tactician. Trunks had already picked up the ki similar to his father's and rushed to the king. The lavender hair and crystal blue eyes, along with the young frame of prominent jaw line and distinct widow's peak was enough for the grand father to recognize him.

He cautiously approached the child and picked him up. Vegeta looked at the scene and felt an unexpected pang of jealousy. But of course he was glad he had avoided any embarrassingly mushy stuff from his father during his childhood that's what he told himself. His pondering was cut short when he saw his mother in law in action — 'welcoming' the guests.

Not trusting the usual Saiyan limit of patience and tolerance, he decided to step in. Bulma sensed that the GR was not running, and assumed Vegeta must have broken something, either the machine, or himself.

Vegeta had just snatched his son away and handed the boy to Mrs. Then he stared unblinkingly at his father, trying to make his glare as venomous as possible. In the background, Nappa opened and closed his mouth constantly like a fish out of water.

You are going to sleep on the couch for at least a whole week! Or you may fly off in your space pod for all I care!!! Veggie darling has done nothing naughty, he is just receiving a couple of extraordinary guests — and one of them is as handsome as your husband, but definitely more mature…" She trailed off and winked at King Vegeta, who now blushed harder than his son. Trunks decided this was a good time to head inside. The others followed suit. Nappa was eager to meet the new tyrant his Prince seemed to serve who else could insult him like that and get away with it?

He was enraged beyond belief, Trunks was about to punch the piggish prince right in his mind's eye but then he reminded him, "Oh tisk tisk Trunks, you must have feelings for this girl. You must have a past with her do you not?

You dare not hurt me Trunks especially since our planets have just ended their bitterness towards each other. As much as he hated to admit it he was right. Her family is the most powerful family on planet Vegeta besides my family. So what's your relation to this girl? He watched her waltz across the dance floor to her mother and grandmother.

She hugged them and laughed as her grandmother tickled her. He had to have her back. Royals don't fall in love Trunks; we should only spend times giving ourselves what we need and should have. Love is not on the list dear boy. That's not what love is.

It's been forever since we've talked! I've been stuck with this bozo forever! You promised you would be nice to me! Pan laughed but a twinge of jealousy floated in the back of her head. She silently wished for a someone. Behind her was a man about two inches taller than her. He was tall, tan, and dirty blond locks fell into his blue eyes. His stature was impeccable to his looks. Otherwise, he was very handsome. Can I help you? He took her hand in his and kissed it making her tint red to the cheeks.

Pan gasped loudly and bowed to him quickly, embarrassed that she had not known sooner, "Forgive me your highness, I had not idea…" "Non sense I'll have none of that.

From the sidelines of the dance floor a lonely soul watched. With eyes full of sorrow and his heart still in recovery, he walked out onto the floor with a rage that nothing could cure.

The only antidote was her. Dance with Prince Aaron while I cut it for Pan," Trunks said quickly as they approached the dancing couple. You're lucky you're my brother or else I would have had you shot by now," Bra groaned loudly trying to keep up with Trunk's pace.

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He pulled him backwards from Pan. Aaron was about to protest but Trunks innocently smiled at him, but he couldn't mistake the fire of hate in his eyes.

Aaron decided not to cause a dilemma. Besides I'm here for awhile, then I'll find out what a number she is in bed, he grinned evilly to himself.

Besides I'm not going to leave him alone. He ignored her and slid his hands down her back taking in her scent, "You look gorgeous baby.

dbz fanfic bardock meet pan and bra

She took in his scent and felt like she could drown in it. Her arms lost the will of their own as they moved up and down his back.

Trunks smirked arrogantly knowing she was content. She cursed and damned herself for being so damn attracted to him. Before she even had a chance to say anything his hands slid down to the top of her bottom.

She sighed and felt her anger leaving her body. Can't you just let me live? Trunks twirled her around and dipped her to jog her senses.

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He held her there for a second looking into her eyes and her looking into his. You sit in your apartment watching reruns of law and order. You go out with Bra sometimes, actually rarely from what she tells me, and then you go to work write your stories, go home have your TV dinners and watch those re runs you love! Then the next day it starts all over again! So is this man you? More like a child Trunks…" Pan stepped out of his arms and walked away.

He lost her somewhere in the crowd of people. Just leave me the fuck alone! I hope you liked it this time around! Kagome I'm very happy you love this story! Well I hope this is soon enough for you!