Caroline and enzo meet the browns

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caroline and enzo meet the browns

She opened her eyes to see a blur of greens and browns between locks of her .. Elena wanted to be as happy as the rest of her family to meet Enzo properly, .. After Elena had gotten to the part about the kiss, Caroline had. The relationship between the vampires Caroline Forbes and Enzo St. John. Stefan finally meets with Caroline and they arrive at some abandoned train station. A Browns beach in Mayfair: London indie Browns turn its South Molton Street home into a beachy haven last week, complete with beach huts.

I've had enough control over my bloodlust to not kill the people I fed on almost the entire time I've been a vampire, but I did it anyway, because I liked it. How could anyone so completely miss the point? She hadn't known specifics, but she'd known since the day she found out what he was that he had hardly lived like a saint.

But he'd saved her life, made it clear that she held the reins in their friendship, and been totally real with her, and that was only what he'd done in the first week. And it was just so clear that he was starving for friendship and sincere human interaction.

She couldn't believe that someone like that was incapable of changing for the better, and it was not in her nature to deny anyone that opportunity. Her voice came out low and it was in great danger of cracking. If it did, she knew it would be a slippery slope from there to a total emotional breakdown.

In two months, I've shared more of myself with you than with anyone else. You've brought out a side of me I didn't know was there.

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Someone more confident and determined. Someone who could break off a relationship that was going nowhere and risk her life to protect a person she cares about.

I kept thinking that when you left with Katherine, I'd be able to bear it because at least I'd always have this one unforgettable summer to look back on. Don't think you'll ever catch me without vervain again. Damon did not follow her, and she made it all the way to her bedroom before the dam finally broke.

X When Damon returned to the boarding house, determined to find something other than Elena, her anger, and her heartbreak to focus on, he found Stefan crumpled on the rug in the parlor, his neck at a funny angle. Enzo stood over him, halfway through a blood bag. Then, in spite of himself, he asked, "Do you know how she got her memories back? He ran a hand through his hair. She came here demanding to see you. I wanted to meet her—Grayson's daughter, and all—but she took one look at me, said my name, and then dropped like a stone.

Damon scowled, but what could he say? He did deserve it. Hell, wiping her memories was easily on par with many of the other low points hiding behind his father's office door in his mind. It didn't mean he appreciated Enzo's commentary about it. Fortunately, there was a cracking noise then as Stefan's vertebrae righted themselves, and he sat bolt upright, thus sparing Damon the necessity of further introspection.

Stefan held a shaking hand to his face. They were much older now and had both become their own nightmares, but some things never changed. He put a hand on Stefan's shoulder. On days like today, we just do a transfusion to make up for me not being able to drink blood.

That was particularly annoying right now. He desperately wanted to take his frustrations out on something. He was glad he and Damon could go into the clinic through the back instead of passing the secretary. They silently descended the stairs, got a few bags of whole blood from the freezer and an empty transfusion bag, medical tubing, and needles from the storage closet, and set up in the lab as usual.

Caroline and Enzo

He bit right into the first blood bag and started chugging it. She's basically an intern. Somebody's going to get hurt. They're going to bleed. And then there's going to be a lot more than just a single burnt corpse for the Sheriff to find.

The blood bags aren't helping you learn control at all. But I told you I wasn't gonna let you go ripper again, and I meant it. Even if some idiot does get banged up and you lose it, you're going to have a hard time making it past the rest of us, not to mention Baby Witch.

And even though the party was a means to an end, it would do him good to relax a little and have fun. Plus, Caroline would be there. He was looking forward to talking to her in person, not just over the phone. X Elena had left her keys in her large black vehicle, so Enzo very cautiously drove it back to the Gilberts' house, following the directions Damon had written down for him.

This wasn't anything like driving as he remembered it. Everything moved so smoothly, there was a load of computer nonsense going on instead of just a simple radio, and the automatic transmission was no fun at all.

On the other hand, his driving skills being as rusty as they were, this was probably the easiest way to get back on the road for the first time, and he had to admit that air conditioning was lovely to have in a car. He pulled up to the handsome home without incident. He pocketed Elena's keys, hoping for a chance to slip them to her unobtrusively, since it seemed unlikely she'd have told her parents about where she'd left her car and why. When he reached the doorstep and lifted his hand to knock, he paused, looking down at himself.

He was still borrowing Damon's clothes. He had literally nothing to his name.

As a vampire, it was a simple enough circumstance to remedy, and he'd spent the vast majority of his existence both alive and dead with nothing, but he wasn't sure he'd ever been this aware of it. Still, he couldn't just stand here forever. Grayson opened the door, a wide smile on his face. Enzo stepped over the threshold. Jenna was standing in the hallway behind Grayson, along with a more petite woman with dark hair and smiling eyes.

Don't screw it up. I apparently owe her the broken nose of a jerk ex-boyfriend, and I don't like being in debt. After a few seconds, the two teenagers appeared on the upstairs landing and headed down. Elena looked rather subdued, particularly at the sight of Enzo, but her brother seemed excited.

Were you really locked up in that lab and experimented on since World War II? All six of them migrated into the living room. Enzo scratched his chin thoughtfully he still wasn't used to it being smooth.

Enzo looked around at all of their faces while Grayson talked, interrupting to add a detail here and there. He couldn't remember anyone genuinely wanting his company like this. Damon and Grayson hadn't really had a choice before, when they were in the lab. But now that he was out, it seemed that they hadn't just rescued him to ease their consciences, nor that their friendship was conditional on being stuck with him.

And Damon seemed keen for him to get on well with Stefan too, just as Grayson wanted him to feel welcome amongst his family. An entirely foreign warm sensation welled up in him. The only word he could think of to describe it was belonging.

X Elena wanted to be as happy as the rest of her family to meet Enzo properly, but she couldn't manage it—nor could she seem to fake it. Until Enzo arrived, she'd been furiously detailing every single new memory she had of Damon in her diary, even though it had brought her to bitter tears on numerous occasions.

She couldn't risk him deciding to mess with her mind again, so in addition to wearing her bracelet and drinking vervain tea every day, she was going to make sure she had everything on record.

After about fifteen minutes or so of her family cheerfully conversing with Enzo, she'd quietly left the living room and walked out to the porch, where she sat down on the swing in front of the brand new window that had been installed earlier that day. She wasn't alone for long. The front door soon opened, and Enzo stepped out. He sat down next to her on the swing. Her car keys were dangling off his finger.

Elena took them, then drew her legs up onto the swing and wrapped her arms around her knees. Seemed to enjoy giving Damon a hard time over it. I did too, for that matter. She cast around for something to compare it to.

We weren't even dating, but I've never had a more personal, intimate relationship with anyone. It was special, like a secret.

If blabbing a secret to other people is bad, then stealing that secret from the mind of the other person you shared it with is a thousand times worse. She felt her cheeks burn. I shouldn't be dumping all of this on you. She shot him a skeptical look, and he smiled. All he could talk about was you. He showed me pictures. I half-expected you to still be the baby from those photos. How old are you now?

Things were getting bad with Maxfield, and I couldn't help picturing how it might be on the outside. I thought it would be fun to try and get you to say 'Uncle Enzo' as your first words.

Would he really have been that close to her family as she grew up? She decided that she liked Enzo. They might not be my first words, but 'Uncle Enzo' isn't necessarily off the table.

I don't have to still be a baby to have an uncle. But just as with his previous remark, there was vulnerability underneath. She peered curiously at him. Or Damon, for that matter. She'd never heard such desperation and anguish as in Enzo's voice when Damon turned and left him to the flames.

And it's ancient history anyway. Get it off your chest, you know. I grew up in the workhouse because my parents had debts they couldn't pay.

I don't even remember their faces. I thought I had a second chance at family when I met the vampire who turned me, but then she vanished too, and I had to figure out being a vampire alone.

That was enough hardship to last a lifetime—technically, she supposed, it had—and then to endure decades and decades of torture and imprisonment on top of that?

I'd like to travel. Might give university another go. For now, though, helping you lot take down that werewolf seems like an amusing way to pass the time. She only knew what her parents and aunt had mentioned about Dr. Wesley Maxfield the day before. It hadn't been much, but it had been enough. He hasn't told anyone else yet because he wants Grayson to help him find or replace me before anyone else finds out.

He flinched and veins rippled beneath his eyes. Elena flinched too, but she forced herself to calm down and keep her hand where it was.

You're never going back there. Dad won't let that happen. And wasn't this part of the big plan anyway? Dad said you were putting an end to the Augustine Society for good. The front door opened then, and Elena's dad stepped out. He and Stefan are doing a top-off. It wasn't fair that he was this involved in the lives of everyone else around her.

caroline and enzo meet the browns

If he'd stuck to single-mindedly pursuing his original purpose for coming to town, maybe she wouldn't have to worry about facing him when she wasn't ready for it or hearing his name so often. Still, no matter how much it hurt, she would never regret having her memories back. X Wesley Maxfield, M. He'd been on the brink of landing an enormous research grant from Tobias Fell and the other head Augustines for his work with The addition of the ideas Grayson Gilbert had given him had made it almost a guaranteed success.

But now everything was in jeopardy because his subject had vanished without a trace, taking with him every last sample of his blood and no small amount of dangerous knowledge about the Society. Wes hadn't panicked when he first found the cell empty. No, the panic had only set in after he'd traversed the entire boundary of the electronic leash and discovered neither a vervain-crippled vampire nor a veiny corpse.


He didn't for a second entertain the idea of alerting his colleagues. No, things could go very badly for him if he did that. The very best case scenario was losing the grant. He was hoping to reverse the situation without them being any the wiser. But he was not equipped to track a missing vampire. Because Grayson Gilbert wasn't an active member of the Society and had experience not just experimenting on vampires but hunting them, he was the obvious person to go to for help.

As an added bonus, the level of clout he held within the Society meant that he would serve as powerful insurance in the event of failure. The other members would be far more understanding if the two of them working together couldn't retrieve the subject than if it was his mistake alone. Besides, as the man who had previously run the lab, Grayson was 's most likely target for revenge, apart from himself, and he had a family.

The rest of the Society probably had a little more time before he went after them, if revenge was indeed his goal. It had certainly been the goal of Wes forced himself not to drive like a maniac to get to the little clinic on Main Street in Mystic Falls. There were no patients in the waiting area and the reception desk was vacant. Grayson emerged from the first door down the hall behind the desk. Grayson motioned deeper into the hallway.

We should go down to the lab. I sent Laura home and rescheduled the rest of my appointments for the afternoon, but someone could still wander in. He followed Grayson to the end of the hall, down a flight of wooden stairs, past a copier and ceiling-high shelving units of patient files, and through a plain door. He'd barely stepped through this door before it shut behind him with a snap.

X When Maxfield jumped and turned to face the door, Enzo was blocking his way. Damon watched from beside the exam chair, smirking. Only after Enzo spoke did Maxfield seem to realize who he was, and he took a hasty step backward, farther into the lab. Fear was coming off of him like an intoxicating cloud. Bonnie x Kai I feel like this would have also been funny.

caroline and enzo meet the browns

I think Kai totally would have jumped at the chance to be with Bonnie… not sure if she would have ever actually given him the opportunity. But eh, I think I would have still liked it better than pretty much all of her love interests on the show. Jeremy was useless, even as a hunter. Thank you, but no. Plus, the chemistry between the two felt lacking.

Every time they did something that should have been cute, it felt like they were each trying to prove something. Granted, she probably would have been great for him. I truly think that pre-vampire Caroline and him, were kind of perfect for each other. Bonnie x Jamie What? Why would this have ever have been a thing? My actual true Bonnie OTP: Bonnie x A being whose power is only matched by Bonnie Just think of it… Damon lets Elena go exploring her old house in the prison world, instead of meeting Bonnie halfway, right?

Caroline gets upset and tries to leave the lab but Enzo stops her telling her that he has the antidote. Then she calls Stefan and Enzo is listening the conversation, she tells him that he has to meet with her, after insisting Stefan accepts. Stefan finally meets with Caroline and they arrive at some abandoned train station.

They're talking about Damon and Elena and as Damon is going to tell her that he killed Aaron, Enzo then arrives and interrupts them. Caroline asks him where is the antidote and Enzo nods and a group of travelers disperse through the stockyard.

Slon walks right over to Caroline and Stefan and Stefan asks her if she has the antidote to the ripper virus, and she answers yes thanks to Enzo. Caroline and Stefan talking with Enzo Enzo tells them that Wes was experimenting with him and discovered the antidote. Caroline asks what does that have to do with them, Sloan says that when Wes died, the travelers took it. And seeing as Elena is valuable to them, they are in the process of using Wes' resources to find a cure for her virus.

She also says to them they have to find something, Stefan asks what do they need and Sloan say another one of him. Caroline asks what he means by "special" but Sloan interrupts telling her that it is none of their business.

Enzo replies anyways to her talking about Markos, the leader of travelers. Later, Caroline and Stefan are talking privately and Enzo arrives with Sloan to do the spell, Enzo says that will take care of the antidote for Elena and Damon, and one of the travelers comes behind Enzo and hands him the serum.

Enzo invites Caroline to join him but she says that she will stays with Stefan. Enzo extends his hand to help her Later, Caroline and Stefan are talking and Enzo arrives, he thanks her for her call and says it's time to go. Stefan then decides to accompany her but Enzo interrupts them telling that he can't because the travelers still need him.

Caroline tells him that she will be fine, then Stefan tells her that he doesn't trust Enzo and Caroline says not to worry because she doesn't trust Enzo too and that she will be safe. She goes downstairs and Enzo extends his hand to help her but she ignores him, Enzo says goodbye to Stefan with a wave and leaves with Caroline. Caroline talking with Enzo In Rescue MeCaroline and Enzo are at an Atlanta diner when her phone starts buzzing on the table but before she can pick it up, Enzo snatches it from her and he talks with Sloan.

She threatens Sloan she'll kill her if she does that again. Caroline then hangs up the phone and flings it across the booth, Enzo makes fun of her and calls her a "perky, blonde angel of death. Caroline signs in at the hospital reception and she goes where Enzo is, and she tells him that the receptionist doesn't know Tom personally, but that she compelled her to call someone who does.

She sits besides him and they wait for someone to come speak with them.

caroline and enzo meet the browns

Enzo just stares at her until Caroline pulls out a magazine and starts reading it. Caroline is clearly not interested in speaking with him any further, so Enzo picks up his own magazine and starts reading from it.