Blackstar and death the kid meet excalibur las vegas

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blackstar and death the kid meet excalibur las vegas

If you are a true Otaku you know what anime this is from (Soul Eater) Soul Eater Black Star Tsubaki Soul Maka Patty Death the Kid and Liz Souls I love soul eater! . sticks and stones may break my bones. you clearly havnt met mokka . Wallpaper and background photos of Excalibur for fans of Soul Eater images. "Soul Eater" - Soul, Black Star, and ultimately, Death the Kid. A scene that .. See more. Super Toy Con Aug Las Vegas Orleans Arena -Toys- Cars. MY EDIT soul eater Death the Kid excalibur Black Star Crona Franken Stein Maka Albarn .. Super Toy Con Aug Las Vegas Orleans Arena -Toys- Cars . soul eater meets pirates of the carribean (black star meets zee excalibur).

Yullen, and SoulxMaka Rated T just to be safe. She had such sad eyes.

blackstar and death the kid meet excalibur las vegas

He tries to find her. Allen finds out that she had rebelled against the Earl wanting to regain memories of her past, and to finally go home. Allen x Maka Rated: Why would Soul have this and why are Professor Stein and Maka's father so nervous?

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Will this Allen guy ever find out that they are reading his journal? Find out in Soul or Allen! The doors drew me closer until it was to late and I was falling, falling, falling down the rabbit hole. I could hear screams around me as I walked up to a stage with a man at a piano and a microphone. Someone grabbed my hand and I looked back at myself. She smiled and when the man began to play, we sang. A boy with black hair and white stripes travel around the world trying to save innocent souls from kishens.

Join Death the kid as he and the gang try to save the world together. I suck at summery's by the way. She has no idea of how she got there and when. Rated T for swearing.

I originally uploaded some of this story to Wattpad, but I start thinking it would fit in better on fanfiction. Only for chapter 5 though, no more after or before that.

blackstar and death the kid meet excalibur las vegas

Meisters and Exorcists must team up together to solve the mystery of the Excalibur hotel. What they really find is more than they bargained for.

Let the Nightmare in Vegas begin! While everyone's trying to get as much work done as possible before things get hectic again, will they forget about the significance of the winter season?

blackstar and death the kid meet excalibur las vegas

Not if the Soul Eater crew can help it! Lavi and Allen get sent on a mission to Shibusen.

blackstar and death the kid meet excalibur las vegas

Strange occurances have been appearing there. Is it related to Innocence or an actually akuma. Rated T for later chapters. Story will have new chapters soon, I pinky-promise. Jasdevi last saw Liz and Patty two and a half months ago, but for the Thompson sisters it's been nearly a year. Was there a special reason? The princes wanted to know, and they wanted to know bad. One prince was a handsome young fellow, kind and polite. He stood with a rather regal air and wore nothing but spotless attire.

He was the son of Shinigami Sama, and was well respected by everyone.

blackstar and death the kid meet excalibur las vegas

The other prince, to be honest, was a ragamuffin. He wore nothing but battle attire and spoke with all sorts of slang. He would curse like a sailor when he did not get his was, and believed himself to be a 'god'. Now, mind you, readers, these two princes did not always get along very well.

But they had a common goal- they wanted to know what was up with that thing that lived above the academy not to mention it's annoying voice. Every day, and exactly ten at night, the two sneaky princes would creep up to the door. From their hiding places, they always heard a woman call out, "Excalibur, Excalibur, let down your cane! It was a stormy night in October. The two heard a faint voice wafting from the top window of a tower. It was singing a song in a weird key.

From United Kingdom, I'm looking for him. I'm going to California. Soon, they stopped under the tower's parapet. With a high and mighty voice, he recited the slogan that they had come to hear so often.

Soul Eater

Soon they were inside the tower. Prince Kid shushed him, grabbed his hand, and began to drag him towards a glowing light at a corner of the tower's room. Prince Kid recoiled in horror. But what was the thing doing up above the DWMA, all alone in a tower. Have you come to wed me? We just wanted to know what you were.

So we may have kinda wanted to stop it…" "So rude, the kids of this age. Would you like to hear my story? I start my days with a cup of hot coffee, and tea is always the best for a cold or hot morning. I eat my lunches cold, and I do not like carrots. In fact, I detest carrots.

Do not put carrots in my food. I hope for the day when my gallant prince will come to whisk me into the moonlight. Are you both gallant? Anyway, he will whisk me into the sunset? Or was it the moonlight? It was also quite possibly the desert, to tell the truth, or maybe the rainforest.

Reminds me of when I was in Vegas. Do gallant knights go to Vegas? What about gallant kings? Or maybe gallant soldiers? But yes, South Africa is a lovely place.