Meet the press ratings 2016 cars

Euro NCAP | The European New Car Assessment Programme

meet the press ratings 2016 cars

A car that just meets the minimum legal demands would not be eligible for any stars. This also From , some cars have two star ratings. One rating is. Euro NCAP provides consumer information on the safety of new cars. Euro NCAP is the European New Car Assessment Programme making your cars safer. Automated Driving Tests · Quadricycles' Tests · Quadricycles' Tests · AEB Tests · AEB Fitment . Latest safety ratings .. Press Room. Almost 6, pedestrians died on or along U.S. roads in alone A federal proposal to factor pedestrians into vehicle safety ratings has stalled, That meeting has not been scheduled and the SUV finding has not been.

The star rating goes beyond the legal requirements and not all new vehicles need to undergo Euro NCAP tests.

  • How To Read The Stars

A car that just meets the minimum legal demands would not be eligible for any stars. This also means that a car which is rated poorly is not necessarily unsafe, but it is not as safe as its competitors that were rated better.

Look Out For The Latest Results The five-star safety rating system continuously evolves as older technology matures and new innovations become available.

meet the press ratings 2016 cars

This means that tests are updated regularly, new tests are added to the system and star levels adjusted. For this reason the year of test is vital for a correct interpretation of the car result.

Recently, the inclusion of emerging crash avoidance technology has significantly altered the meaning of the stars.

meet the press ratings 2016 cars

All the models on both lists are midsize cars or larger. That's a nod to the reality of the marketplace: Some consumers want small vehicles, and including them in the testing program encourages manufacturers to make those vehicles as safe as possible. But the vehicles IIHS rates can't be compared across size and weight classes because the severity of the front and rear tests is determined in part by the vehicle's own weight.

Consumers who opt for smaller vehicles are choosing a lower level of protection even if they purchase a Top Safety Pick winner.

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Kia Forte and Toyota Avalon vs. In the second test, a used Toyota Avalon, a large car, was paired with a Toyota Yaris iA, a minicar.

meet the press ratings 2016 cars

In each test, the vehicles traveled toward each other at 40 mph, with 50 percent of the smaller vehicle's width overlapping the larger vehicle. Forces on the driver dummies in the smaller vehicles were much greater than those in the larger vehicles.

Measurements indicated a high likelihood of head injuries for the driver of both the Yaris iA and the Forte in a real-world crash of the same severity.

Euro NCAP | How To Read The Stars

Right leg injuries would be likely in the Forte and possible in the Yaris iA. Neck and chest injuries would also be possible for drivers of both vehicles, and left leg injuries would be possible in the Forte. In contrast, the Avalon and Sorento had mostly good injury measures, aside from a possible right leg injury in both. The structures of the Forte, which weighs pounds less than the Sorento, and the Yaris iA, which weighs 1, pounds less than the Avalon, didn't hold up as well against the larger vehicles as in the car-to-barrier tests on which IIHS ratings are based.

In the crash with the Sorento, the Forte had an acceptable structural rating, with maximum intrusion of 8 inches at the left toepan. Mitsubishi and Toyota also made design improvements. The Mitsubishi Outlander improves to acceptable from marginal, while the Toyota Prius improves to acceptable from poor. The Q70's optional front crash prevention system earns a superior rating in IIHS tests, but the headlights packaged with the autobrake option only earn marginal. The headlights that come standard on other Q70s are rated acceptable, but consumers can't get these headlights with the superior-rated front crash prevention system.

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Likewise, the Tucson's acceptable-rated headlights aren't available on the model with a superior rating for autobrake. Instead, poor-rated headlights come with this version.

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Autobrake is standard on more models Manufacturers continue to refine protection for people in small overlap crashes and fine-tune crash avoidance features.

Toyota's prior version of the Corolla was rated marginal for small overlap protection, and the small car didn't have an available front crash prevention system.

meet the press ratings 2016 cars

The winner's circle includes 21 models with a standard front crash prevention system with automatic braking capabilities.