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11, Age Group (Z2) • SCY, Terrapins Swim Team 'C/B/BB+', Concord, CA, Results (HTML) . 13, All-Star (USAS) • LCM, Western Zones Age Group Championships 31, Age Group (PC) • LCM, Speedo Far Western Championships (host. has been an amazing year for swimming in Western Australia, with the SunSmart made up our local technical officiating team who were willing to travel as far as Albany to to get some early season race practice against a competitive field from across the state. Swimming WA Releases /17 Annual Report. 16, Age Group (Z3) • SCY, Napa Valley Swim Team 'C/B/A+', Napa, CA, Results .. 29, Age Group (PC) • LCM, Far Western Championships (host: OAPB).

If you plan out what you want to see, it gives you a purpose for doing what you do. Six to seven weeks before the big meet By this point in the season, regardless of when the meet is, you should have a solid base of training.

Even though it feels like that big meet is light years away, it is right around the corner. This can be a crucial time in the preparation timetable for you and your coach.

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Sit down with your coach once more to check in with your progress. You owe it to yourself to do everything in your power to make this experience worthwhile. Ask questions, seek advice, get feedback. Most importantly, put what your coach has to say into your practice. The key here is to put what your coach has to say into practice!

Remember they are in your corner. They want you to succeed as much as you do. Heidi Torregroza One week before the big meet This is by far the most important time in meet preparation.

At this point in the season, you have put in the hours and the hard work, so make it count! Sharpen your skills, get sleep, eat properly and take care of your body. You put in all this work. Enjoy yourself and enjoy the process. A happy swimmer is a fast swimmer! The key to this phase is FUN. You deserve some fun! Enjoy yourself and enjoy the time you have in the pool. Your teammates will pick up on your energy and mimic it. These teammates have been with you since the beginning.

Support them and they will support you. If she taught me anything, it was to always pack the night before. I now find myself packing for events two to three days before they take place.

It may sound crazy, but it works! Get your swim bag packed the night before. Do whatever you want that keeps you stress-free. Play with your pet, watch a movie, read a good book. If it makes you happy, do it — as long as it is not physically strenuous. I cannot stress this point enough. The average teenager should get a minimum of eight to nine hours of sleep each night.

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Try to keep the big meet off your mind as much as possible. Acknowledge those thoughts and find a way to replace them. The day of the meet OK, this is it, the big day. The day you and your teammates have worked for tirelessly. All those Saturday practices when you wanted to be in your bed will be paid off with a lifetime best.

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Countless yards you never thought would end will seem trivial after you take home that first-place medal. Now is the time to make it count. Show up to the meet minutes before your warm up and find a space. Sunday's racing commenced at and finished at with dash for cash races held at the end. We were extremely lucky to have the presence of Trevor Verran, Nick Short, Steve Hill and Mark Foster to make up our local technical officiating team who provide valuable technical assistance both in the class room and on pool deck.

It was a pleasure for our club to host these gentlemen and we hope to see them back in the Pilbara in the near future. The event was also well supported by Rosie Starling; a long standing referee. There were many PB's achieved along with 2 Pilbara records broken. It was pleasing to see great participation in all event practically in the and freestyle along with both the and IM.

I am pleased to announce Paraburdoo will host the Hancock Prospecting Pilbara Championships in the year to come and we wish them all the best for a successful meet. Be part of groundbreaking research at the SunSmart State Age LC Championships Are you interested in finding out when your growth spurt will begin and how much growth you might have left?

To better understand the relationships between growth, maturation and facets of athletic development, researchers at Swimming Australia Limited - Project H2GrOw are inviting you to down to the Project H2GrOw measurement station near pool deck to be measured by a trained researcher. These measures include height, seated height and weight of the competing athlete and height only of the biological parent s — if present. After the competition, the researchers would like to continue to track your child across the next year.

They will provide further information via email. Your participation in Project H2GrOw will help determine how Swimming Australia can better support swimmers, coaches i. The changes have been made to improve the spread of events across the four 4 day Championship Meet, and replicate national age group banding changes. With four 4 distances on offer m, 1. Check-in is open at 8.